A Deep Dive into ‘Loki’: “Journey into Mystery”

I’m going to be honest, “Into the Unknown” would have been a better title for this episode, but as I understand it, Frozen called dibs. When I initially watched this episode, I was a bit underwhelmed. It wasn’t until I watched my favorite YouTuber’s reaction to the episode that I understood the importance of this episode. It seems that each series is setting up new heroes and villains in this next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Loki seems to be setting up Ant-Man’s antagonist, Kang the Conquerer who Jonathan Majors will be portraying later on in Phase 4. I like the way they’re setting up my fave. Let’s talk about how we get to Kang and maybe why I’ve changed my mind on Jonathan showing up in this series.

So, we’ve already met Ravonna Renslayer, who in the comics is romantically involved with Kang and one who we will come back later. In this episode, we get to meet Alioth, a large purple smoke dragon (not related to Puff the Magic Dragon) who in the comics is a rival to Kang. I’m going to make a prediction here and say that in the MCU Alioth will be a protector of Kang and his kingdom in the void. Yes, I think the man behind the curtain is Kang. They can make up a story where Alioth lost to Kang and that’s why he now guards his kingdom or trash this idea altogether. Either way, Alioth is another breadcrumb on the path to Kang. But if this is Kang and his is pulling the strings of the TVU and pruning random timeline, how did we get here and why is he doing this? This is the bigger question for me. It’s something that in WandaVision wasn’t made as clear as it could have been with Agatha. For me, I never really understood Agatha’s enchantment with dark magic besides being power hungry. That’s not a solid enough reason for me.

Now, back to Renslayer. Do I believe anything she’s told us in this episode? Yes and no. I do believe that she knew this whole TVU system was a sham but I don’t believe she ever saw or knew who was behind it really. I imagine she got her promotion to judge but has never seen the man, or woman or whoever, behind the curtain. But why the curiosity now? Like I said, I believe she knew but just didn’t know, but you were fine being oblivious before. Why hustle now? I’m starting to go back a little on my theory about Miss Minutes. Maybe she is just a computer program that was made to aid the TVU employees in their work and make sure that they weren’t getting into anything they weren’t supposed to. She also seems a bit confused about the information that Renslayer asks her to access and present to her–but I hesitate to go all in on this.

Question: Did anyone else catch Renslayer saying that the friendship between her and Mobius is uncommon? And, no, I don’t think it has anything to do with the fact that she later pruned him. What makes their relationship so unique? Is it because Renslayer isn’t a variant but Mobius is?

Let’s talk about Grandpa Loki AKA Classic Loki and this illusion. I haven’t seen magic this powerful since Wanda. I’m with Loki Prime, how was he able to do that? Also, since when can Loki Prime just learn new magic. Yes, I understand that his mother, Frigga, taught him magic but to be able to try it on the spot and it work…say it with me, seems too convenient. Did anyone else get Wizard of Oz vibes when the kingdom was revealed? My favorite color is green and it is also my favorite number in The Wiz so I enjoyed the reveal.

One episode to go, everybody! Who is the man behind the curtain, but what’s most important, why is he/she/they doing this? What’s their endgame? Will we see Majors? Find out on the new episode of Dragon Ball Z!

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