My name is Amber and I am a self-proclaimed movie reviewer. I have two degrees is mass communications and enjoy writing in my spare time…which is why I started this blog. I’m a native Virginian and my heart bleeds black and gold (GO RAMS!), I love basketball and wine. I’m a pretty odd person which will come through in this blog a lot.

Let’s get into a little more about this blog specifically…

My favorite genre is horror. There are few (and I do mean few) horror films that can actually scare me, so if I find one that does, I’ll be sure to make that the first line of the post. In reviewing these films and shows, I will be looking for seamless plot lines, cinematography, quality of acting, and basically, if the movie or show is worth even watching. I hate films that I spend a portion of my life watching and the ending is lack luster. This is a major pet peeve of mine. Bad acting is another peeve. Also, I work in television so I’m very particular about how a film looks.

I have noticeable quirks that will be revealed in this blog so hold on. It’s just beginning!

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