Let’s Talk: Streaming vs Theaters

Since we’ve all been cooped up at home, movies originally set for a theatrical release have now been released On Demand or on streaming services. So much so, that many believe that theaters will be obsolete in the future; however, I don’t really think so.

I’m going to present both sides of the argument because I like both options, but I prefer theaters and I’ll tell you why.

Think about those big budget action movies like Endgame, Fast and Furious and Bad Boys. Seeing those films in my house did not compare to the sound, feel and energy of those movies in a theater full of other people clapping along with me. When *SPOILER* Tony died in Endgame, the theater was silent, except the guy beside me who was sniffling. When Mjolnir came to Cap and the theater erupted with applause, it was magical. I did not have that same experience at home. The popcorn is not the same at my house and I cannot make a slushie at home. Although, it can be crowded with new releases like Avengers and very expensive if going on a date, you know for the men, the experience you get at a theater, for me, just doesn’t compare anywhere else.

So for those who like to be at home, streaming is for you. You don’t have to go anywhere. You can make your own popcorn that’s not five whole dollars. There’s not a crowd of people. You can watch the movie twice if you want to, and in most cases, it’s cheaper than going to the movies. You can enjoy the movie from the comfort of somewhere in your house and even invite friends at no cost. Or you can do like Martin when he had that fight party at his house–charge everyone for admission.

Again, personally, I like going to theaters to see my movies, unless it’s a movie that could have been on Netflix or On Demand. A lot of the movies coming out now should not have been released on Netflix. I like the theater seats and propping my feet up the seat in front of me when there’s no one there.

Which do you prefer and why? Are you a low-cost streamer or do you want to talk to the stranger next to you about what’s going on in the theater?

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