A Deep Dive into ‘WandaVision’: “Series Finale”

First things first, I have not shed tears like that since Tony said, ” I am Iron Man,” snapped his fingers and died to keep the universe in order. Bravo for Marvel being able to do that twice. I’m crying over a witch and a syntheziod and the, maybe, end of their love.

Another thing, I know Kevin Fiege said this would be a one-off type of show, but I think the “series finale” they’re referring to is in this episode refers to the fact that Wanda’s show is over. Not specifically that this is the series finale of WandaVision itself.

I want to start with what I didn’t like–the fight sequence. I hated it. It dragged on too long and the graphics were less to be desired, personally. I am very particular about the cinematography of the things I watch. We could have cut the fight in the air down by half. In watching Assembled, where Marvel insiders take you behind the scenes of these incredible shows, I think everyone was really excited to have two people flying around at once–it had never been done before.

Couple of things. I told you all that Pietro was not from another timeline, and as we soon found out, he is aspiring actor Ralph Bohner who was just minding his business living in the town. Hayward is an asshole–period. Wanda remembering the runes she saw in Agatha’s basement/cave thing was something I never saw coming and I was super proud. It was a twist on the classic villan move where they tell you their entire plan. It was our first hint that Wanda is teachable and observant which becomes more important when you see her in the post credits scene.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff–Skrulls, White Vision and the Dark Hold. In the comics, Skrulls are painted as the villains, but in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s a little different. Skrulls, in the MCU, are thought to be malevolent creatures but turns out they were just looking for a new home after their world was destroyed. Kree scientist Mar-Vell, Dr. Wendy Lawson, helped the displaced Skrulls by housing them on her ship powered by the Teseract. Is it coming back to you now? Why am I recapping a plot line from a movie I loathe in the MCU, for reasons outlined here? Since that movie, we’ve seen Skrulls show up here and in Spider-Man: Far From Home and I’m sure they’ll be in a bevy of movies until we get to the Secret Invasion Disney+ series. We know Nick Fury is operating in space for some unknown reason and now he’s calling for Monica. Why? Who told him about her powers or did they even have to? What part will she play in the Secret Invasion, if any at all? Will Monica be the new Captain Marvel for Fury and the Skrulls and where is Carol? Her whole job is to protect the universe and she’s been MIA for a while now with no explanation. I want an explanation, Marvel.

Wanda’s created Vision understood what Wanda had to do and saved himself by transferring, or merging maybe, his memories with the technology of White Vision. What we all want to know is where did he go? White Vision, because he wasn’t created in the anomaly, was able to leave, and even better, Wanda has no idea that this was done. So, whenever she understands who she really is and can handle him coming back into her life, I think Vision will reappear. If he shows up before then, chaos will ensue because we just sort of, kind of fixed Wanda and if she sees him before she’s ready to, her mental health will suffer. We will have broken Wanda, again.

It was revealed that Wanda is reading the Dark Hold while going about her day in a remote shack in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know if the events of this show have created a monster or an ally for Dr. Strange and crew, but I’m excited to see which it becomes in Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. We’re getting a glimpse into branch timelines in Loki so it’ll be interesting to see what mess Strange and Wanda have to fix or if Wanda is the mess we must fix. I think Wanda feels bad already and just wants to find her kids and be left alone. She’s exhausted. But what else is in the Dark Hold that Agatha didn’t already explain to us? The Dark Hold reminds me of the “Big Book of Everything” from the kid series Stanley. Don’t ask me why that is. Here’s what I need to know. How long has Wanda been in this shack and what is her goal with the Dark Hold? What does she want to learn? More about herself, the magic or something else? Grief never really goes away–you just learn how to cope with it. Wanda is in that stage of her life, so I think she wants to better understand how her action interfere with the rest of the world, because in the end she wants her family back. However, I don’t think she wants to do that at the expense of others anymore.

As I said to start this post, I haven’t shed a serious tear in the MCU since the death of Tony Stark. Wow, Marvel, all the feels. Who knew they could bring us so much passion between two misunderstood…beings? I could have literally sobbed at how beautiful this moment played out. People wondered about Wanda thanking the kids for picking her to be their mom, which doesn’t mean anything deeper than what normal moms say to their kids. I don’t think this means that they actually got to pick her. It’s just wants moms say.

The future for Wanda is uncertain but I’m hoping that she can stifle her grief long enough to get to Strange and Wong and help…do whatever needs to be done. I figure whatever happens in Loki will play a huge role in what Wanda and the sorcerers have to face. Maybe she is the key and they will come looking for Wanda. It was already told to us, to the dismay of many fans, that those commercials were supposed to be messages from Strange. In addition to Agatha being the villain all along, I would have also ranted about this because I feel it would have given us too much. They never promised us Strange so don’t give us that as a “bonus.” Make us wait for that. We can always go back to it and do it the right way now that we know that is what those were.

What did you think of WandaVision as a whole? What do you want more of? What confuses you? What excites you? Will Billy and Tommy ever be reunited with their mom and dad or were they even real? Hmmm…

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