A Deep Dive into ‘Loki’: “The Variant”

I would like to go ahead and make a strong prediction right now. If any one of you have watched The Last Dragon, then this theory will make sense to you. Bruce Leroy spent the entire movie looking for “The Master” to validate him as a Master himself. He had the power all along but I digress. Spoiler, if you haven’t seen this movie, there was no “Master.” Leroy was “The Master” and achieved the “glow.” I bet that when we get to the end of this series we find that there never were three space wizards called the “Time Keepers.” Mobius hasn’t even met them and he seems like the lead analyst. Now that I type that out…what if Ravonna Renslayer and this female Loki are working together. Renslayer could be the front for the Time Keepers–she could have ulterior motives and that analyst that she keeps on the side could be this variant Loki! I’m just thinking of this but I think I’m on to something. I could be wrong and I’ve been wrong before.

In WandaVision, we learned about Nexus beings, but here in Loki, we’re dealing with Nexus events. And what have we learned about Nexus things? They aren’t great. Clearly, Nexus beings will be playing a huge role in this next phase of the MCU, but I often wonder, after watching this episodes twice, if the intro videos of the TVA are outdated. What if Nexus events actually started happening because Nexus beings, people like Wanda and Kang the Conquerer, started to realize that they would step out of their realities. They just added lil’ dude with the hat who was late to work as a kind of dumbed down version of the situation to make it easier to animate. A long shot, but why else would we call it a “Nexus event” and not something like a “Multiversal incident?”

Let’s move on to Miss Minutes for a minute (see what I did there). What is she? Loki asked her if she was real or a recording and she said a little of both, so what I think is going on here is that she is the eyes and ears of someone else. So, she’s right, sometimes she will be a recording because whoever this person is will be away. But when that person is present, she/he/they is actually answering questions. In the case of her talking to Loki, I think there he was actually talking to someone who was monitoring him. I’m not so inclined to say that it is Renslayer but maybe someone above her.

Moving on to the mission. I want to applaud the variant for realizing that apocalyptic events would cover their tracks and make it harder to the TVA to do their “job.” Also, with all this information that the TVA was able to gather on Loki, you would think they would have done a better job of narrowing down this female variant with the ability to transfer her soul between beings. As a side note, did anyone else love the circle shot that at a certain point kept the focus on Loki until he was center frame? Things I love to see when I watch these shows. As far as this female Loki and where she came from, I like the idea that she may have physically looked like Loki Prime, let’s call him, but she changed bodies so often that when she landed in this female form, she liked it and stayed in that body.

Let me back up a bit to when we first encounter this variant in the tent in Wisconsin–which is a weird place to be because who’s in Wisconsin, really? Anyway, during the fight sequence, we hear Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out For A Hero,” which if you’re like me you remember from the Fairy Godmother’s rendition of it in the classic film Shrek 2. The lyrics we hear are as follows:

Where have all the good men gone and where are all the Gods?
Where’s the street wise Hercules to fight the rising odds?
Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
Late at night I toss and I turn and I dream of what I needI need a hero
I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night
He’s gotta be strong and he’s gotta be fast
And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight

So, with these lyrics in mind, who is the hero? Is she the hero? Does she even go by “she?” Did anyone even ask what their pronouns could be? She does tell Loki later that this has nothing to do with him, so what is this all about? What has she seen, experienced or witnessed that has them on a mission to destroy the Sacred Timeline? Also, what is a meeting with the Time Keepers supposed to get Loki Prime?

I do hope we get an episode into the backstory of Renslayer and Mobius. They have clearly been friends and coworkers for quite some time but there are small things that she says to him that makes me wonder. She tells him in this episode that he has an affinity for broken things, which had to at some point in his career clouded his judgement. Wonder what happened there? Was is something that Renslayer covered up for him which resulted in the relationship we see today? Questions that need answers.

The conversation between Loki Prime and Mobius about believing the things around them are real is interesting. Mobius seems like he’s been where Loki is as far as wondering about what’s real and what’s not, but at some point, he just gave up and accepted that whatever they told him was what the truth. This conversation also solidifies my theory that the TVA and the Time Keepers that run it is a complete hoax. It’s real to everyone at the TVA because they don’t know any better. They haven’t lived in the world like Loki has, hence the reason ol’ boy didn’t know what a fish was.

I want to end this dive by saying that Loki Prime didn’t have to destroy that man’s salad. He’d a long day and all he wanted was a salad, a drink and a ride on a jet ski. Also, Loki Prime would absolutely stab someone in the back again.

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