A Deep Dive Into ‘Loki’: “Glorious Purpose”

Couple of things to start this bad boy off. One, I love that the Marvel title card is green. Somehow, for me personally, it looks better in green. Green is also my favorite color, so I’m biased. Also, if they had just told Hulk that he could take the next elevator down, we would not be where we are and that’s both a blessing and a curse.

In WandaVision, we got to see the pain of a woman who longed to be with the love of her life once again. So much so that she recreated him in a perfect world that wouldn’t take him away again–a fantastic, crazy and confusing ride. In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we got two men who were clearly meant to be best friends but refused to acknowledge it until the end of the series while also trying to stop a girl from destroying government and a man who was clearly never worthy of the shield–a budding bromance. Here, in Loki, we have a man chasing variants of the his new coworker in a place we’ve never heard of governed by people no one has ever met–it’s also set up like the dreaded DMV. Here we go, y’all.

I don’t know if anyone else caught this but the Time Variance Authority seemed to be focused on order and your place in this order. The office doesn’t look like they have a casual Friday and the process before you see the judge seems very rudimentary. Also, they are very serious about having a ticket. Everything here must have its place. Has anyone else made the connection between superior, if you will, magic and old technology? Remember in WandaVision, they could only see the show on an old television set. Same situation here. There is no advanced technology here. There is also no magic here. All things that make me wonder.

Now, I listed my grievances about the TVA and their non existence in a previous blog so I won’t continue the rant here, but what I will say is who voted for these people to be the three beings responsible for the proper flow of time? Loki is right. This notion that three space lizards created this whole organization and they are trusted with the proper flow of time is absurd. I also caught that the Time Keepers created all the people who work in the TVA so I can assume that these weren’t people they hired from various timelines. Want to see an episode where we see how that works or someone explains that further.

Moving on to the start of a dynamic duo that shouldn’t be but is and they hate it. You know, it’s fascinating to think of all the things you’ve done in your life, both good and bad, but to see it play out in front of you, much like Wanda and Loki, has to be excruciating because you have to face yourself. It was something they never had to do in that moment, but unlike Wanda, Loki’s chaos actually helped everyone around him be better. He had good moments in his life but they were all overshadowed by his own selfish motives. The fact that he’s been chasing power for so long only to end up in a place where the power he seeks doesn’t even work is a lot to realize in one day.

It was a long day for Loki–a day he never knew the ending to. I think this is the start to Loki actually realizing the meaning of being “burdened with glorious purpose.” Has nothing to do with the glory he seeks but more about the glory that those around him were able to achieve in spite of him. Much like WandaVision, I don’t know know where we’re going just yet, but I do know it will be wild, well written and funny.

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