Hear Me Out: The TVA is A Hoax

We’re two episodes in and I already have a problem that has nothing to do with the plot or the characters, per say, but everything to do with this random agency that we’ve never heard of before nor has it been hinted to in the MCU. And yes, I know all hasn’t been revealed of how the universe works in the MCU, HOWEVER, an agency that governs over the flow of time should have been mentioned before now. That’s one of the main reasons I think the Time Variance Authority is a hoax in addition to the fact that in two episodes we’ve never met them and their job seems pointless.

Between both Sorcerer Supremes, the Ancient One and Steven Strange, who are the masters of the mystic arts and who protect the world against mystical threats, you would think one of them would have mentioned these mystical creatures who regulate the proper flow of time because…you know, they are the keepers of the TIME STONE! Never once do we we hear anyone mention a higher organization that unravels the future in a basic sense. For someone who was brought to us as someone who knows all, I find it hard that at no point in time she, or Stranger, would have never hinted at these beings that control our reality. You know what she did tell us? She told us that the stones were the source of the proper flow of reality. Now, I hear what you’re saying. We were only just informed about Nexus beings and how they also control realities but I can let that slide because…well, have you met Wanda? Clearly not someone we want to agitate. I also feel like if it was more widely known that the TVA existed, there would be less likely of a chance that people would defy them.

Have you caught on to how odd this whole organization is? Besides the outdated technology and the DMV-like admittance system, the judge is a …mortal. To our knowledge, Ravonna has no magic and they haven’t told us what her credentials are that make her qualified to hand down sentences. Something is up with Ravonna and these gods. It just doesn’t seem like we’re getting the entire picture but it was Agatha all along so we never know. Yes, I am still mad about Agatha being the villan ALL ALONG. Anyway, it all seems like a big sham. Anybody remember Arthur Weasley’s job? Head of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office. What did we need that department for? Same thoughts I have here.

Speaking of Arthur Weasley’s job being pointless, the work of the TVA helps nothing. Think about it. They took it upon themselves to unravel the contortions of reality into one solid strand, and then, they made it their mission to continue to unravel the realities of the future. Let’s pause here. If you have multiple people like Loki who are defying the rules of reality, then isn’t their job pointless? The future they’re unraveling will never be completely solid so….how does this help us? I mean it’s job security for them, if they actually exist, but who would want to do work twice? I just have more questions than answers and they all point to this being some bull.

What do yall think? Am I the only one? I can’t be the only one who thinks the TVA is something a man who lost his way came up with in order to feel important.


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