A Deep Dive Into ‘Hawkeye’: “Never Meet Your Heroes”

We’ll come back to some things, but first, we must tackle that play. Here’s what bothered me the most. How did anyone know about Cap’s “I can do this all day” one other than literally him? He was fighting himself, so Broadway, where’d you get the line from? And no, they are not watching the movies as we are. They live in em, if that makes sense. And another thing, I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing The Lion King in person just yet but I KNOW Broadway can do better with costume and makeup than what was displayed in this episode. I’m sure the point was to be cheesy but the flipping, the lyrics, the kicks, and the rest of the shenanigans were enough. Do better. Back to the action.

I always love how Marvel is able to flip things on their head. You would think that a young Kate would blame the Avengers for the death of her dad, like many people have, but instead, she found the guy shooting arrows on the building a few blocks away and said, “I, too, need a bow and arrow.” Kate is a mixture of Peter Parker and Kevin McCallister. I will say that she has a better handle on becoming a superhero than Parker but there is this underlying feeling of mischief, and after watching both episodes, I don’t know quite know if it’s her as a person or the shenanigans that seem to follow her. I’ll give it a few more episodes and give you all a final answer in a few weeks. Also, is it me or does the sequence with her shooting arrows in the opening remind anyone of Merida from Brave? Just me?

Let’s go ahead and assume that Jack is a bad man and here is why I, personally, have come to that conclusion. One, Jack has a mustache that suggests that his is a super villain. Two, he looks like a knockoff Antonio Banderas (no shade to Tony Dalton who plays Jack Duquesne) and even who Banderas isn’t playing a villain, he has a way of making you almost forget that he’s a good guy. I think it’s the accent. There was also the conversation he was having with Kate’s mom that Kate overheard when she was being nosey and mischievous. Maybe it is Kate. Also, he and her mom have been secretly engaged and everyone knows it but her.

Before we move on to the auction and the Ronan debacle, I want to toss a theory out there. I was right about the TVA so let me try my hand at this. Kate’s dad is not dead. I don’t care what funeral scene they gave us but I don’t believe that man is dead. The mom told Kate that she and her dad would be downstairs, I believe, and I find it hard to believe that Eleanor made it out and not her husband. Much of the house was intact until Kate came downstairs so…

Jeremy renner reaction GIF on GIFER - by Landahuginn

Maybe Kate’s dad faked his death to get out of debt and has been alive this whole time running things behind the scenes. I’ll flesh out this theory a little more as the weeks progress but this is what I got so far.

What we need to figure out is who killed Armand in the living room with a sword and why. The craziest Christmas edition of Marvel Clue we will ever be tasked to figure out. It can’t just be for his money and I don’t think Jack wanted to Ronan sword because he liked it or because he collects swords. There was a certain satisfaction in his face when he retracted that sword that makes me think there is another reason why he wanted it, and just to kill his uncle. It would be like an arrogant villain to kill his own uncle and then take personalized candy from his house as his prize. The Ronan gear is worth something to someone and I want to know why because, as we saw in the episode and will see in the next, it’s a magnet for the wrong crowd of people. Mainly, mobs of bad guys.

This isn’t a bad start to this series. I like the mix of humor and the fact that all of these series focus on the secondary characters. Even though Clint was an Avenger, he and Natasha were in more supportive roles while Thor, Cap and Tony ran the show. There was Hulk, too. I guess he goes with Clint and Natasha or maybe in the middle because I would say we care more about him than we do about Natasha and Clint (I said what I said!). What are some of your thoughts and theories for this series and how will it play into the larger MCU storyline?

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