A Deep Dive into The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: “Power Broker”

There is no better commercial than the “Scoop, There It Is” Geico commercial with Tag Team and Marvel would have never known that that commercial would be giving them a run for their money but I kind of like the commercials. It really gives these shows a traditional TV feel but new age, if that makes sense. The commercial lets us know exactly why we need Fake Cap. They need a face for the GRC in order for people to believe in the change.

So we come out of the commercial to my favorite person to loathe, Fake Cap. When he asked that man did he know who he was, I screamed at the screen, “Who are you?!” The man didn’t care and neither do we. You are not our Cap, but I digress. He will continue to struggle to make us believe he is the “New Cap” and for him to believe in himself. Right now, he looks crazy to me. Cap took the strategy from his military days and applied it to his situations but Fake Cap is using the destruction mindset. Everything is a set mission with a beginning and end and if anything gets in his way, kill it. That strategy has not been working in his favor AT ALL.

I am so happy that the Wakandans were able to de-program The Winter Soldier. James has a lot of work to do in order to get back to who he was before the war. I am also glad this is no longer a thing because we don’t need old distractions to cloud our future with Bucky. I also figured Zemo had the chant memorized and that it would be the first thing he tried when he reconnected with him.

Here’s my problem. The Zemo escape plan had a HUGE amount of holes and circumstantial placements that just did not add up. First, I just simply wondered how did they even get in to see Zemo. Doesn’t seem like he should have visitors but that’s not my issue. Bucky gives this “hypothetical” situation where a person, like Zemo, who had been locked in solitary confinement would not have been able to execute. For example, how would he know the spoken codes that the guards use outside of where he is? How would he know his way out of his cell? Don’t think would have been let out into general population to roam around like the others. If you don’t think too hard, this works. For someone like me who thinks way too hard about things, it was a no from me.

But Zemo is out and he’s still rich? How? I get he said he was a baron but he still had to pay for the plans and places he wasn’t staying in. Where do baron’s get their money from anyway? I did my Google’s and could not find how barons attain their wealth. So he breaks out of prison, has a plane and a butler as well as viable connects in the underground. How? I just want to know how he able to keep these things in tact while he was locked up. Whatever he did, I must know the secrets because I don’t know a villain who was able to keep all his things while he was under lock and key. Bravo, Zemo.

For those of you who are not familiar with this particular Marvin Gaye song, listen below. It’s one of my favorites.

I find it interesting that they mentioned this song specifically. Here are some of the lyrics:

“I, I, I come up hard, baby, but now I’m cool/ I didn’t make it sugar, playin’ by the rules/ I come up hard, baby, but now I’m fine/ I’m checkin’ trouble, sugar, movin’ down the line/ I come up hard, baby, that’s ok/ Cause trouble man don’t get in my way”

I feel like these lyrics speak to Bucky’s journey from being James to The Winter Soldier back to James. This episode he has to face who he used to be, if only for a few moments. Also, I enjoy the fact that Zemo also enjoys Marvin Gaye. I just like Zemo. He might end up being a Loki where we know he’s an awful man but we love him anyway. He had a very valid point about icons. We idolized certain people so much that we forget their flaws, and the fact that at the end of the day, they’re just people like you and me, to use a cliche. We, as viewers, are grappling with the idea of Fake Cap taking on the mantle of Captain America, which I never thought of as a mantle, while Bucky and Sam are still reeling over letting their friend go. Steve and the legacy he made as a man, not just as Captain America.

Now, Sharon Carter…I have a few questions. She’s the great-niece of Peggy Carter, a founding S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and you want me to believe that she’s a hustler now? No ma’am. Who is Sharon Carter really? Sure, she could be the Power Broker which could explain why she didn’t go in the storage unit with the guys. Someone has to be able to identify this mystery person. She did also get in the back of the car that came for her which is a boss type move. Personally, I think she works for the Power Broker, but Marvel likes to put things in your face in these shows…*cough cough* Agatha All Along. Also, the callback to moving the seat up…BRILLIANT!

Now for the last piece to this puzzle, Wakanda. I know someone of you were thinking Okoye would be here but if you think about it, Ayo (yes, that is her name), played by Florence Kasumba was always with King T’Chaka while Okoye was usually associated with King T’Challa. It’s only right that they send her to avenge his death. Now, if she’s sent to kill him or bring him back to Wakanda is to be determined. I think it’s more so to kill him but you never know.

I’m still trying to piece together Walker and the Flag Smashers. I don’t think the Flag Smashers are the bad guys but I wonder what we’re missing with them. Walker, too. I’ve heard some say that they think either Walker already took the serum or he will eventually take the serum. I like the latter.

We’re halfway through and I’m really impressed by how much I care about this show! Bravo, Marvel!

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