Stroll Down Memory Lane: Iron Man 2

This movie is remembered for a couple of reasons. One, this is the movie where Tony was concerned about dying for about 30% of the movie, and two, this is the movie where we meet Nick Fury more formally. Meeting Fury in the post credits scene of Iron Man makes the post credit scene in the Incredible Hulk, which needs to be redone, make more sense. This is where it starts to come together that these movies are connected. Take notes, DC.

So we start with calling back to the world knowing Tony is Iron Man, and what seemed to be a cool ending to the first movie is now a nightmare for him in the second. The government wants his tech, which they kind of end up getting in the Sokovia Accords in Captain America: Civil War, he’s dying and where did Natasha come from? Seriously, I remember watching this movie in theaters and not paying much attention to her, which was the point. In watching it now and knowing what I know, we should have paid more attention to a beautiful, redhead that came out of nowhere and could fight. I would also like to take this time to say that the introduction of Don Cheadle as James “Rhodey” Rhodes was the best replacement I can cosign in this cinematic universe. Probably in the grander cinematic universe but I digress. Sorry, Terrance.

If only the world knew that most of the threats on Earth would be from people who hate Tony Stark, a lot of things could have been prevented or at least there could have been a list of go-to people who would be looking to destroy…well…anything. What I never realized is that the idea of the government being in charge of superheroes through the idea of them having their tech. During Civil War, I was on the side of Cap and ’em. I don’t agree with the idea of the government having control over the actions of superheroes nor do I agree that they should possess the same tech or access to the tech of supers. Governments are corrupt, and more or less, about power and money. Superheroes, in a pure sense, are about protecting and serving at the will of the people. There are two things going on in this film in regards to this idea. The government, understandably really, doesn’t want to rely on supers to save their respective governments so they need the tech to create their own suits that they can control as well as having control over the people who are in those suits. Besides government, there are other people, like Vanko and Hammer, who have their own agendas, one for money and the other for revenge.

The most pivotal moment in this film, and maybe in the entire MCU, is when Howard tells Tony that he will be the key to changing the world. He was right. Where Cap is the man with the plan, Tony is the man behind all the suits, weapons and shields. Here is where we also start to put both Cap and Stark in their roles.

One complaint I have for this film is it really is hard to figure out who the villain really is. Is it Hammer? Is it Vanko? Is it the US government? It’s unclear and it kind of jumps from point to point. I would also like to point out that it would have been prime time to release a Black Widow movie sometime after Iron Man 2. I would have cared then. Again, I don’t care now.

Iron Man 2 is on Disney+ right now! Watch this and see what you can find that ties into Captain America: Civil War.

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