Pose: Trailer Review

Good shows like The Good Place, This is Us and The Wire are never meant to live forever like Grey’s Anatomy and other hospital dramas. The creators always know where to leave us with shows like these and Pose is one of those shows and I knew this when I started watching their first season. I just wish we had more time and more story to tell but this was a moment in time that cannot be stretched and repeated.

I want to go ahead and make a strong prediction. Pray Tell will die in this last season of Pose and here is why. Pray Tell and Blanca have been the glue to this entire story and these group of friends and we have already seen Blanca at her worse. We see now that she is doing much better. The description says she has a new love in her life, she’s still tending to her children and she’s a nurse’s aide, but life still isn’t peachy keen. However, I think they’ve given Blanca enough and I think it would be fitting for her to give a proper send off for Pray Tell. If you pay attention around 90 seconds into the trailer, you’ll notice that Pray Tell is not on sage behind Blanca with the rest of the family. So either Pray is in the hospital or he’s passed.

I applaud this show for bringing us the memories of ballroom culture from the 80’s and 90’s. I spoke about this in Concrete Cowboy. We want other stories of Black culture and having a story that focuses on the life of a group of Black trans friends is groundbreaking. We really got to live with these characters as real people, which is so important in the state we are right now.

Season three of Pose will debut for the last time on May 2nd on FX. I cannot wait to see what the last episode gives us besides tears.

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