A Deep Dive into WandaVision: “Breaking the Fourth Wall”

You see Vision’s face? That was my face at the end of this episode. I’m going to start with the obvious and the post credit scene because my blood boils about this and I need to get it out.

This hex that maybe Wanda created is being called an anomaly and the definition of an anomaly is as follows, “something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.” Now, if this is what an anomaly is why would you put something that is expected into something where we are to question everything? That is a major pet peeve of mine. I don’t mind being wrong but I don’t like that you blatantly pointed at this woman and made her a villain. This is what I call lazy and no, I’m celebrating that something has been revealed. For me, personally, I now have to take everything for what they are making me think it is. Evan Peters character is now a villain although I would think we is just a pawn but since Agnes is Agatha let’s throw that in too. I guess Wanda is a villain, too. I feel like I can’t imagine what is to come anymore because of this but that’s just me. Also, who told them to give her her own theme music? She ain’t Kuzco! Always, we have more questions than answers, as always, so let’s get into it.

I found it refreshing to see Wanda just tired. She’s been putting on this act for six episodes and momma is tired. She doesn’t want to be bothered by anyone. She just wants to go back to a semi-normal life. I applauded when she said I don’t have the answers and basically told the twins to figure it out. Parents don’t have all the answers and I wish my mother had told me that instead of sending me off to school with an answer on my math assignment she had to know was wrong. Just say you don’t know and let me do it. At least I would have gotten it wrong on my own.

Going back for a split second, the calendar on the title card for this episodes show had the 10th hearted. I think this is much like the calendar from episode one and I wonder if this is supposed to mean something much bigger and we’re missing it.

Vision and Darcy are the team we never knew we needed until this episode. Thank you, Marvel, for just letting Kat Dennings just be Kat Dennings when she got into the anomaly. It’s funny that she’s an escape artist in the circus and she eventually gets to escape with Vision. Please keep them together as a team. I enjoyed every minute of them together. She is almost as good as Luis from Ant-Man at recapping stories. Also, the guy she punched was the guy who handcuffed her to the truck while Wanda was explaining the hex.

The major we met is not the connect. I think whoever she texted sent this team. I heard someone say something about Skrulls. Don’t think we’ll see them in this series although they could. Doesn’t seem like their place.

Later at Agnes’ house, one of the twins says that Agnes is quiet, which is a clear sign that he shouldn’t have been so comfortable there. The other twin, at this point, seems like he serves no purpose for real. He’s fast and…. I’m waiting on what we need him for. To have another person that’s his age? To continue the legacy of being a twin in the Maximoff family? He isn’t the smart twin so what does he do? Is he going to die like his uncle?

Let’s skip over to Monica and this dumb plan. I don’t know why people keep thinking they can just roll up in the hex after Wanda came out, drone in hand, saying leave me alone. So, honey, why did you think you would be able to ramp a spacecraft into her hex? I don’t care what specs you gave them. This is something that isn’t a man-made thing. It is something entirely different. I don’t necessarily like that she apparently got her powers from going back and forth between the hex wall. Again, feels cheap but whatever. Even in watching again, I still don’t understand what made Monica know that she could get through. They did with Monica what they should have did with Carol. Carol’s power moment felt like a pander to women because everyone was doing it at the time. The same troupe they used for Carol would have worked if they just did what they did and left the extra “She’s a woman. Look at the power she has!” thing alone.

My theory is Monica has a cancer gene that may have come in contact with Wanda’s magic and that’s what makes her special. I don’t think all these random people within the hex will have powers or that we need all these random people to have powers.

I think Wanda knows what Hayward is trying to do and that’s why she didn’t want to hear what Monica had to say. I also believe that maybe Agatha made a deal with Hayward or wants to for some obsure reason.

There’s a lot of things in that basement and the kids are not one of them. Someone mentioned that the glowing book could be the Darkhold.

*deep breathe* The Darkhold is a book also known as the Book of Sins which bears unspeakable power. The interesting part is that the book is made of dark matter from the Hell dimension. What if Strange is coming to get this book and not Wanda? What of this anomaly is helping Agatha keep this book and its power? I imagine she was able to steal the book from wherever it was during The Blip. I also imagine that will be a big part of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I also think this is how Blade could be introduced. Through the Darkhold and not The Blip.

What did you think? And yes, we will talk about the Nexus commercial. I have not forgotten about it but I will be going into more detail about that later.

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