A Deep Dive into WandaVision: “Previously On”

This episode was pure trauma. There wasn’t anything in the episode that we could laugh or joke about, even with Agatha’s sarcasm.

We start this episode with…

Best Frollo Witchcraft GIFs | Gfycat

Not with a trial by people who don’t understand the working of the body or science quite yet but a trial by witches, so you know she did something she had no business doing. Now, hear me out, I can’t really make a decision on Agatha’s villainy. Yes, I know, it seems clear that she is bad but is she really? A friend of mine figured Wanda was the villain here because of the agony she’s putting the people of the town through, but we found out in this episode that this whole anomaly was an accident. She didn’t intend to hurt all of these people and I still don’t think she really understands what these people are going through because of her pain.

Think back to Doctor Strange. When Strange found the Eye of Agamotto and started to read the spells, he didn’t know that what he was doing was, essentially, breaking the laws of magic. Perverse magic I believe is what Mordo called it, and yes, I am aware that Strange was not born a witch and would not have known had he not read further or had someone tell him but still. It applies. The Ancient One drew her powers from the Dark Dimension and openly said she didn’t like it but it helped her help others. Agatha, clearly, draws some power from the Dark Dimension but it’s not clear yet what she planned to do with it. I think she wanted to do something to prove herself to her mother. Her and her mother don’t seem to have the greatest relationship. Seems to me like her mother always knew her daughter would be connected to the Dark Dimension. She thought she would be prepared for when it did happen. Much like the Ancient One, I think Agatha’s mother knew how her life would end or maybe how Agatha’s life would be, said something to her about it and that’s why she went searching for a way to change her own end game.

You notice that last pose from her after she drained the life out of all of her fellow coven sisters? Yeah, looks like she thought draining everyone of their powers would give her something. Think the brooch was a consolation prize. I would like to know where she went after she axed her whole coven. Where has she been hiding the whole time?

If you notice, throughout this journey, Agatha’s main objectives have been to figure out how Wanda created this world and to protect Wanda. Think about it, has she hurt Wanda in any way, besides throwing her around in the basement? She had plenty of chances to really cause havoc and yet, she’s only been nosey. So this begs the question, what does she need Wanda for? And no, I don’t think it has to do with this “Ralph” that we’ve never seen nor do I think it has to do with Mephisto or some other big bad. We just came out of the age in Marvel where they are trying to push that girls rule so, for me, it doesn’t make sense that Agatha did all of this to resurrect a man. There’s got to be something else, but what and is it malicious?

Let’s go back for a second to her childhood. Agatha mentions that the Stark bomb didn’t go off because of Wanda casting a probability spell. That probability could have probably saved her parents too but instead she was stuck with Pietro. Marvel now has to do some major explaining about this mutant gene and how someone obtains this gene. Right now it just seems like if you have it, you have it and there isn’t really a clear explanation of basic genetic science and I need that.

Moving on to the Hydra experimentation. Was there anyone else who thought that was Loki that she saw in their first pass in watching this episode? I’m ok if it was just me but I saw Loki. Erik Voss, from “New Rockstars”, believes that this is an alternate version of Wanda that lives in an alternate dimension or universe. I think we’re leaning on this multiverse idea too heavy. I don’t think everything is multiverse related just yet. What I think that vision is is Wanda seeing the full manifestation of herself in the future. Something will complete her to the point where she can fully realize all her potential, have access to it and can control it. She’s not there yet and we may not see this final form for awhile. We know Marvel loves dropping Easter eggs that we have to go back years later to remember.

Moving on to Ultron–I mean “White Vision.” I was floored when I learned that the Vision in the anomaly was not the “real” Vision, whatever that means really, but let’s go back a few clicks. We have never seen Wanda bring anything back to life. Correct me if I’m wrong please but even Wanda tells her children that she can’t bring things back to life when they ask her about bringing Sparky back to life. How would Hayward know that she has that ability when we haven’t seen her do that and Wanda, herself, has openly said in this series that she can’t do that? Anyone? I have questions. Who is Hayward really? I feel like Hayward isn’t really who he says he is and I don’t know why but I get the feeling like there is something not quite right about him. More than just a disgruntled S.W.O.R.D. agent. Now, back to Ultron. Remember that Nexus commercial we saw last week? I think that commercial had a double meaning that we forgot about. Back in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Banner mentions the NEXUS. NEXUS is in internet hub in Oslo where everything on the internet passes through at some point. Stark says, “It’s the center of everything.” Doesn’t that sound familiar? I think Ultron did exactly what pre-Vision, J.A.R.V.I.S., did at the time. He hid in the NEXUS or at least that’s where Hayward, or someone, found him.

About this final battle between Colored Vision and White Vision (this sounds really racist but bare with me). A lot of people think that both Visions will collide and morph into one Vision, essentially killing the “real” Vision, that we really don’t honestly have because the Vision in the anomaly is only part of the whole Vision we know and love. I’m not entirely sure this will happen. I do think the love story is over for Wanda and Vision. Think about it, what else do we need Vision for especially after the conversation we saw between Wanda and Vision after the Sokovia Accords. I think it is time for Wanda to let him go now and keep him with her always. Sounds corny but it is time.

What do you think will happen? Are as sad as the world is that there is only one more episode left of this fantastic show? Also, no, Tommy and Billy won’t die and I don’t think they’ll age up. What I don’t know is how Monica and Fietro fit into this last battle or do they appear at all? These are two people who we haven’t really talked about in awhile. I do have my eye on them. Maybe they will uncover Agatha’s real plan. I don’t know but I’m interested to find out.

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