Hear Me Out: Best Pixar Movie

I recently watched a documentary about Pixar and it got me to thinking, what is the best Pixar movie, the best Disney movie, the best Marvel movie, etc, so here goes….

Toy Story 3 is Pixar’s Endgame and I said what I said. While watching the documentary, they take you through the struggles of the Pixar company. Toy Story was the make or break for the company. If Toy Story didn’t do well, then the company would be no more. As we know, Toy Story was a hit and it revolutionized the film industry. Toy Story tapped into an idea that I think we’ve all had at one point in our life. I always wondered what my toys did while I wasn’t at home. I also though the Muffin Man was a man who was a muffin and not a man who made muffins. I’m a weirdo.

Any who, we were introduced to Andy’s toys in 1995 and they lived with us for years. 15 years later, we got one of the best sequels to a movie that I have ever seen. You know how we probably all cried when Tony said he, “I am Iron Man” and snapped his fingers? That is the same feeling we got when the toys were all in that incinerator and we just figured this was it. The tears were flowing and then here come the aliens with the claw. They get themselves back to Andy after another one of their adventures but Andy is going off to college. Do you remember what you did with your toys when you went off to college or got new ones? Remember giving away or throwing away those toys? Brings back memories, doesn’t it?

Andy giving those toys to Bonnie, explaining all their backstories and stuff, brought back the tears. Remember when she found Woody and Andy pulled away? It took everything in him to give Woody to Bonnie, but we all know that pain.

Now, you may be saying Toy Story 4 was supposed to be Pixar’s Endgame, but no. You know how Spider-Man: Far From Home is the real end to phase three of Marvel but we don’t really acknowledge it as such? That’s how I categorize this. From seeing how Pixar started and then watching as Andy drove off to college, leaving Andy and them on the porch at Bonnie’s house. The animators should be proud because I felt that the circle closed after watching that movie.

Runner up for best Pixar film is Coco.

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