A Deep Dive into WandaVision: “On A Very Special Episode…”

I want to start this post by giving a HUGE shoutout to Erik Voss with “New Rockstars” because in his trailer breakdown for this episode he was the most accurate thing I’ve seen Erik put together. (I really hope he reads this!) Watch his breakdown real quick and then we’ll get into the nitty gritty.

Let’s start with the set. The show they’re emulating is Family Ties, a show I have never watched, and the goal of this particular sitcom troupe is to deal with tough issues. Remember, those episodes where they taught you about saying no to drugs or how to deal with racial profiling (Remember that Family Matters episode where Eddie was profiled by some sleazy cops?) Anyway, as we get deeper into this show, the cracks start to be more and more noticeable to Vision. Hard stop here. What do you all think is going on with Vision? And what I mean by that is Vision seems to be able to be himself in this fictional world, but why is that? Why would Wanda give him free reign to be himself? She knows how Vision is and eventually, he would figure out what Wanda was doing and tell her to stop. She could not have honestly thought that she could keep him away from what she was doing. This part of her vision doesn’t make sense to me.

Back to the show, I’m starting to think that Agnes is a red-herring. I don’t think Marvel would have the villain just staring at us the entire time. It just seems like an easy grab to just say that Agnes is the person who is making Wanda do this or is someone we should be scared of. I don’t buy that anymore.

So, I watch each episode twice and then watch a breakdown or two on YouTube to compare my feelings and theories. In watching this episode again, I put something together. When Monica is talking to the field doctor she tells her about how she felt while she was inside. While she’s talking, you’ll notice that there are flashes of her and Wanda but also flashes of her when she was in the hospital when everyone returned after Hulk’s snap. During the time we see these flashes, we hear Monica talk about the grief and hopelessness she felt. Later in the episode when Vision wakes Norm up for a moment after Darcy sends that email, he tells Vision about his worry for his parents and his sister. I think all these people who are trapped in here with Wanda have some form of grief that is similar to Wanda’s and whatever she’s doing is to protect these people from feeling that grief and hopelessness. They may also be from the blip. Maybe she thinks she’s helping all the people who were effected by the death of her lover. Just a thought.

Speaking of Monica, the field doctor can’t get a read on her labs and many are saying that maybe she already has her powers as a result of Wanda. Much like one of my favorite YouTubers, I am not a fan of accidental powers. It’s lazy, so if this is that, I’m already upset but I’ll wait and see. I could be wrong but I do think she has powers now that she is not aware of and I’m not sure if it’s a result of Wanda, being with Captain Marvel (who we’ll talk about later in this post) or if she was part of the “creation” department in S.W.O.R.D. I like the latter because she seemed real keen on mentioning that creation used to be a department.

In the briefing, I caught how Director Hayward was asking if Wanda had a special name or alias, hinting at the Scarlett Witch name she has in the comics. I read or hear in an interview somewhere that Kevin Fiege will be playing with her name in this show and I think I know how she will get her alias. You know how serial killer usually get their aliases? Media or police. It makes it easier to communicate about these people rather than saying their name. It also associated them with what they did. I think in this series S.W.O.R.D. will give her the name Scarlett Witch and that is how we will get her name. Also, I don’t appreciate the Hayward disrespecting Jimmy, Wanda and Wanda. Yes, I said Wanda, too. Here’ my problem. I think Hayward is our villain and here’s why. He seems way to invested in terminating Wanda, like killing her. If you are in his position, more likely than not, your responsibility is to those people inside this bubble with Wanda. Why would you continue to provoke someone who has these people under her control? Those people could die if you mess with Wanda so why risk that? Cause he knows something or they have some agreement that he is willing to break.

Fast forward to Wanda coming out to speak to S.W.O.R.D. Wanda and Hayward have some sort of agreement. She came out, knew his name with drone in hand and directed her anger directly towards him. When she left, she pointed all the guns directly at him and no one else. If she trusted none of them, I would just have them point the guns at each other. She pointed them at him because they know each other somehow. Also, her accent mysteriously came back which is weird because if it was caused by grief then we would have heard it when she attacked Thanos. I want to know what’s going on with that. And another thing, when Wanda says she has what she wants and no one will ever take it from her again, she looks at Hayward. Did they give Wanda Vision and then take him from her to experiment on him?

The “Lagos” commercial is for that time when Wanda was trying to protect people from dying only to kill people. Wasn’t her fault but I think she blames herself. I think Wanda blames herself for a lot of things and that’s what’s causing her grief. She’s lived with it for so long and she wants some happiness.

You know how people are just recasted in TV show? *cough* Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I think that’s what they are using Evan Peters for. Simply, a recast. Much like in Spider-Man: Far From Home, I think this is a hint of something more but this is not it. The sitcom troupe allows this show to do a lot of things it wouldn’t normally get to do if it were a traditional MCU show. In addition, Wanda had no idea who this version of Pietro is and again, I don’t think he is the Quicksilver from the X-Men movies. Here is why. Marvel is a powerhouse in cinema. As a person who would love to be a Kevin Fiege, I would never have my fans watch another film I did not make and that is not part of my universe to catch on something that I created. That would not make sense. Yes, they own the rights to the characters but there is no way Kevin Fiege wants us to go back and watch those films for hints of something in the MCU. Also, in a preview for next week, Pietro says to Wanda something about killing her dead husband twice. How would he know that? Wanda would have never told him that and Quicksilver from the X-Men films wouldn’t have known that because Wanda wasn’t in those films because she is a property of Marvel. Why they’re separate, I have no idea.

Before Pietro comes in, Wand and Vision have an argument. Wanda says, “I don’t even know how all of this started.” This got me to thinking about what she’s talking about. What do you think she’s talking about? The anomaly? The lying? The grief?

Last but not least, Captain Marvel. Why are people mad with her? She has several other galaxies she is making herself protect and she seems too much like Cap to turn on people so what’s up with her? I have no theories about this other than she is off world and people have a problem with that.

Give me you thoughts!

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