Stroll Down Memory Lane: Age of Ultron

Because of my obsession with WandaVision and my love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I decided to dive back into Avengers: Age of Ultron. Yes, Age of Ultron is an Avengers film and not an Iron Man film, as it could have been because of Tony’s heavy involvement, but the Avengers come in to save the day–a thing I forgot about.

Age of Ultron is our introduction to Wanda Maximoff and her brother, Pietro Maximoff. We first see them in the opening battle between the Avengers and Baron Strucker’s henchmen. The name Strucker should ring a bell because there was a Strucker watch in the second episode of WandaVision. Now, I’ve been trying to remember if Wanda and Pietro already had powers and they were just advanced with the mind stone or if they have powers because of the mind stone. In the opening sequence, one of Strucker’s men does say that the twins “signed up with this” and later, Hill tells Cap that they volunteered for the experiment. I think they got their powers from the stone and didn’t already have the powers.

Here’s what I don’t understand. if you were creating a new AI, that you previously said looked as if it were thinking, why would you leave it alone with Jarvis? Tony left like, “You got it, Jarvis.” In reality, Jarvis did not have it.

Let’s not forgot, as a detour, this is the movie with the infamous “Who is worthy” scene and then it’s interrupted by Ultron. I do enjoy the fact that he waited until the party was over to crash it. I do question why when Ultron woke up why he said he felt weird as if he had been in a body before. Watching it back, that part is a little confusing for me because, to my knowledge and watching this back, Ultron didn’t have a body or a shell. I would also like to take time to point out that I LOVE James Spader as Ultron. Besides Loki, he is the most arrogant, sass-based villain in the MCU and who better to play him than Spader?

Did you forget about Klaw being in Age of Ultron? Because I forgot Klaw was in this film. Vibranium is introduced in this film which I also forgot about. It seems like a lot of people hated Stark. Ultron, Klaw, Mysterio, Wanda, Pietro, Cap most of the time. I loved Tony. I don’t know how anyone could hate him.

Age of Ultron not only introduced Vision, the Maximoffs, Vibranium and more people who hated Tony Stark, but it introduced the idea of man vs. machine and the pros and cons of that concept. Tony wanted to create Ultron as a peacekeeping machine. He saw, “Suits around the world” which seems like a cool idea in theory until you encounter a problem like Ultron. The difference between Jarvis and Ultron is the fact that Ultron was created to be a machine that evolved. Jarvis was a machine that was meant to be updated, like a computer, by Stark with information that he allowed him to have. Not what happened with Ultron. With the foundation he came in with, he was already a thinking organism of sorts. Later, we see his plan to create this indestructible body with this indestructible power source, but we also see the connection Wanda has with this new form. She can sense it “dreaming.” For WandaVision, this is the first instance of the bond between Wanda and Vision, but it also part of Ultron’s plan for humans to evolve. Now, I would like to know how he planned to repopulate the world after he destroyed it because this being, I don’t think, would have the power to reproduce…or does it? Could this explain how Wanda and Vision could have children? Vision is a product of human tissue fused together with Vibranium atoms. This whole idea that Wanda and Vision may have real children now becomes WAY more intriguing to me.

Could last thoughts. Here’s a thought, can someone explain why the Mind Stone is orange but it made the scepter glow blue? Anyone? Also, forgot that Thor saw the gauntlet and the stones in it. I should have watched all these films after Black Panther. Would have figured at least some of what happened out by paying more attention to what they gave use. I do enjoy the callback to Frankenstein. Vision and Ultron are the monsters that Frankenstein, Tony and Banner, created but each have different visions (no pun intended) as to who they are and what they’re meant to do.

I want to end by saying this. Tony did at least get his suits around the world…they just weren’t his actual vision.

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