Let’s Talk: If I Ruled the Universe…

So I was watching The Avengers and I came up with a question. All these villains want to conquer the world or the universe but what happens after that? Has anyone ever thought of that before?

So put yourself in the position of a Loki or a Thanos. You see the evils of the world and you believe you are what the world, or universe, needs in order to right what you feel is wrong but you’re thwarted by the superheroes of the world. But think if you weren’t and you succeeded. What is supposed to come next?

Now, in Thanos’ case, he wasn’t trying to rule the universe, although it seemed that way when we first saw the snippet of him at the end of The Avengers. It’s later revealed that he is just trying gather the stones in order to rid the world of half its people to sustain the planet and the universe as a whole but if he were to be the type of person who had the mission to rule the universe, is the mission to conquer it all? But then when you do that, what else is there to do? How do you keep the people under control?

Loki on the other hand wants to be the ultimate god. He has a fascination with people worshipping him. Is that the goal? Wouldn’t that get annoying at some point? When does the thirst for power stop?

All of this seems like hard work and not as practical as they make it seem in movies and television but let me hear from you. What’s the “endgame”? (See what I did there. LOL.)


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