Let’s Talk: Employee Support System AKA The Work Family

Usually my “Let’s Talk’s” revolve around hard topics like what happens after you take over the world and what really makes a villan, but today after watching this past episode of Monsters at Work, I thought I would lighten it up. Let’s describe the episode first.

Since we were first introduced to him, Tylor Tuskmon’s mission has been to getting acclimated to this new “jokester” model at Monsters Inc. and becoming a jokester. This was his dream. Nowhere in this dream was MIFT, but that’s where he ended up. The journey was long, hard and weird, but MIFT grew on Tylor. Then, the opportunity of a lifetime falls in his lap–the chance to be a jokester. But the question now becomes, “Is Tylor ready to be a jokester?” He auditioned so many times in order to becomes a jokester and has been told that he is the most unfunny monster anyone has ever seen. I believe there have been other duds, but who am I? Any who, this episode explored Tylor’s fears and just how much he’s meant to the MIFT team.

Now, let me take you out of the show for a minute. Have you ever had a moment where an opportunity presented itself and you didn’t think you were ready to take the reigns? You might have talked to yourself about it, made a pros and cons list, but I am willing to bet that you talked with one or more of your friends. Let’s move to you taking that opportunity, a new role, a promotion or the like. Do you remember how your coworkers responded? In my line of work, I’ve seen many people come and go and we always throw some sort of going away for that person and keep in contact with that person when they do leave.

This episode almost made me cry. Mike gave Tylor the opportunity to be a jokester for the day with the promise that if everything went well (they were in another energy crisis), he would be promoted to a full-time jokester. This is exactly what Tylor wanted but throughout the episode he kept reminding everyone that the jokester promotion was only for one day. Let’s be honest, Tylor really isn’t that funny but he lacked the one main quality comedians have–confidence. Tylor was looking for Mike, Sully, Mrs. Fint or anyone with authority to tell him he’s funny. He didn’t believe he was funny. That was the difference.

So what does this have to do with an employee support system? I’ll tell you what it has to do with this topic! The MIFTers loved Tylor so much and wanted him to achieve his dream so bad that they gave him a makeshift going away party before he even hit the laugh floor, and when he finally made it, they made up his desk and stood by to watch him work on his first day. The MIFTers were able to give him the added confidence he need to walk through that door with a full box of doughnuts, ready to get some giggles.

Have you ever had a moment at work where it just wasn’t you day and a coworker lifted you up? Are there people in your life who you met at work who are still in your life today? Share some memories in the comments below!

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