The Rise of Ally…The Fall of Jackson

Lately, I’ve been picking emotional movies. Yes, I told y’all to go see these films but I didn’t know the emotional roller coaster I would be putting y’all on. I should have apologized in advance. My bad. So anyway, A Star is Born was great but let me tell you just how great it was.

In some respects, this is not your normal movie. First, this is the third remake of this movie. The original was made in 1937. Later, the first remake debuted, in musical form, in 1954, followed by the Streisand in 1974. There is also a Bollywood version that was made in 2013. Although done many times over, the core of the story remains the same. Small town girl has dreams of becoming a star. Man already is a huge star on the downfall, usually with a drinking problem. Girl marries guy and becomes a big star. Guy kind of cleans up his act but it doesn’t last long. I won’t tell you what happens next. I’ll let watch that for yourself but bring tissues. Although, I think the Streisand remake was probably more tragic than this one. Any who, let me tell you specifically about this remake.

This version of A Star is Born is Bradley’s debut as a director and for a first timer, I thought it was a solid start. What I did notice with this film, and I don’t know if this is a normal tone for this film but, the film, for lack of a better term, watches like a “day in the life” film more so than a traditional movie. What does this mean? I’ll give you an example. Jackson (Bradley Cooper) and Ally (Stefani Germanotta AKA Lady Gaga) are at a bar after he picks her up after her performance at a drag bar. The conversation they have is very awkward and childlike. There is a lot of Ally pausing and not being able to find her words to answer questions. It was cute and it makes us as the audience feel more like we’re watching a natural event happening, like we’re at the bar with them.

You will not recognize Lady Gaga in this role. Everyone says that every time we go see a movie, but seriously, you will not recognize her. No makeup, no antics, no Gaga…just Stefani. They only thing you will recognize is that voice. Oh, that voice. It will bring you to tears. It will make you jump for joy. It will make you feel.

Bradley Cooper is also unrecognizable. His character is a mess but the unwavering love he had for his love, Ally, will almost make you root for him even though he’s a mess. And, again, as his directorial debut, it was great. I did want to see more variety in the performance shots. There was a lot of shots of just Jackson and Ally when they performed. I think more shots of the band and maybe a few shots from the audience pit looking up at the performance would have make those scenes more intimate as a viewer in a theater.

This is the type of movie that you can see on date night but expect your woman or man to be crying. This here is a tearjerker (I didn’t cry until the end song). It is definitely one of those movies that will make a couple feel all extra in love and stuff. You’ll hug whoever you brought with you a lot.

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