Hear Me Out: Baby Boy is Not A Classic

I will not be apologizing for this. I have watched Baby Boy multiple times like many of you and as much as I love John Singleton, he’s made better films. Literally, every movie Singleton made before this movie is considered a classic with no question. This is the only movie that most people are like “Eh.”

Alright, why don’t I consider this a classic. Baby Boy seems real amateurish to me. The deepest part of the movie, for me, was when he met with his mom in her garden. The whole movie just seemed like a first time writer/director. Could this be someone’s life? Sure. Is this someone’s life? Absolutely and that is the person in your life that you call childish to their face and behind their back. It did not do it for me and yes, I do believe that it would have been different if Tupac lived to do the film. I, personally, think that some things would have been challenged and it could have been more like Menace II Society.

I do love Omar Gooding and think the pairing of him and Tyrese were better than Tupac and he would have been. I’m not sure if the casting changed after Tupac’s death. This was Taraji’s first major role and obviously, she killed it. We quote her in this movie all the live long day. Still does not help the case for this movie. I just don’t see it.

Do any of you have a movie that everyone else considers a classic but you don’t? Does anyone agree with me?

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