Let’s Talk: Favorite Scene from a TV Show

I won’t start this post with the obvious for me because if you read this blog and you know me in any capacity, you know my all time favorite scene in TV history. It’s close, You can find it but that’s not the scene I want to talk about. No, it’s not the episode of “Martin” where he sat everyone in the living room to figure out who stole his brand new CD player. It is also not the episode of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” where Will’s dad left him. It’s also not the episode of “The Parkers” where Nikki FINALLY got her man.

What it IS is the episode of “Family Matters” where we were first introduced to Stefan Urquelle. Ohhhh, how I love this episode. Side note: The fact that Steve was willing to do this for Laura is the show of true love. He figured he wasn’t it so he did research to dig deep inside himself to find a version of himself that she would like. Laura was trash really. Steve was so sweet and she curbed this man for the entire series. But back to the episode…

Below is part of the beginning of the episode where he explains to Laura what his elixir does and how he concocted it. Now, what I love about this part of the episode was how Jaleel White was able to transition in this scene. There are subtle things he does with his face and posture that is genius to me. Watch closely to see what he does because even though he is obviously the same actor, for me, Steve and Stefan looked completely different because of the subtle things White did while he was each character.

Now THIS is the scene that is my fave. The way Stefan comes into the party, compliments the parents and flirts with Laura was perfection. Again, if you know me, you know I love older music so to hear Babyface’s “For The Cool in You” made me get into the groove. I dance every time I see this scene. Ladies, don’t you want to be the center of attention at a party with the most handsome and popular man at said party? Watch!

Years later, White was a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” and he paid homage to this iconic scene with the samba. Who knew this dance could be smoother than the original scene? In the behind the scenes footage/montage that they show before the dance, White tells us just how important this scene was for him as a child transitioning to a man. I did not realize just what it did for him as a teen. He was the nerdy, annoying next door neighbor and that was where they kept him for the most part. He says he had a conversation with writers or the director about growing up some on the show and the result was Stefan Urquelle. This made me love the scene even more.

Let’s hear it! What are some of y’all favorite TV scenes?

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