Let’s Talk: Euphoria was WILD!

This will be part review and part rant and part discussion because I need answers and I need to know if I’m losing my mind. Let’s talk!

Most of you will know this show only because Zendaya is in it and Drake is an executive producer, but I watched this show and actively talked to these kids through the TV.

This show gave me severe anxiety because no one, and I mean no one’s, high school life was like this when I was growing up!

So the main character in the show is Rue (Zendaya). Rue is a recovering drug addict and I do mean DRUG addict. Not just weed here. I mean Oxy, cocaine, weed and most of all this stuff mixed. She overdoses at the house with her little sister at home who then has the responsibility of calling the police. Not a pretty sight to see your older sister laid out on the floor covered in her own vomit. That changes a kid. Now again, I don’t remember any kids I know having this reality but it could have been, but the rest of this stuff? Hunnie!

So let’s start with the thick chick, Kat. Kat is that frumpy teen in high school that doesn’t realize how gorgeous she is because she is so focused on her weight. Well, eventually, she becomes the bad ass we all what her to be….through porn. You see, Kat fell into a video chat porn hustle and is charging old men hundreds of dollars, or rather they are throwing this money at her, to insult them while they….do obscene things to themselves. She also has the hobby of having sex with all the men since she lost her virginity at a party while the guy filmed it and later posted it to social media. *deep sigh*

Nate and Maddy are in an abusive relationship and it annoys me. Teenagers in fake love. Most popular people in school. He’s threatening people to keep his image, his secret and his family together. Nate’s character in general, for me, is doing things that are WAY overboard and unnecessary. He’s beating people up, threatening people’s lives, choking people…it’s all team too much.

This last episode, one of the characters was randomly raped in his dorm while he was having sex with his girlfriend. I was just floored by that scene because…just why? What was the point? Why do that?

There’s a 12 year-old drug dealer in this show. He looks like he is the money man in the situation but WHAT? Cassie literally has probably had sex with everyone in school and most have the video to prove it. Nate’s dad is hiding major secrets from his family that I think Nate knows about because the man has each encounter on video. Rue doesn’t know from day to day whether she wants to live or die. There’s Jules, who is Rue’s transgender friend, who also has secrets herself. Side note: I think I missed when she told Rue that she was transgender which bothered me because, in this age, I think it should have been made more apparent. Not to single her out but that fact I missed the subtle fact and only really knew from reading more articles about the show did not cut it for me.

So I ask, WHO’S HIGH SCHOOL LIFE WAS LIKE THIS? What are these kids getting into? Who thought it was a good idea to do ALL the drugs? What am I missing? For the parents out there (I do partially have a child in my goddaughter), what are we going to do with these kids? Does a show like “Euphoria” and “All American” scare you?

Let’s talk every Wednesday about more of the randomness in my head that makes for some good conversation, if I do say so myself.


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