“Da 5 Bloods”: Trailer Review

As if by chance, Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods comes just in time. If you’re a fan of Lee, as I am, then you know the disparities of black people in America is always from and center in all that he does whether it be the “Good and Bad Hair” scene in School Daze (classic) or the riots after Radio Raheem was killed by police in Do The Right Thing. Lee is always at the forefront of showing us as black people.

Da 5 Bloods sort of reminds me of one of my favorite movies Dead Presidents. His latest Netflix masterpiece centers around five men who served together in the Vietnam War, a war that sparked many protests and agitation amongst young people and black people, a theme that was also prevalent in Dead Presidents. Years later, these five soldiers and one of their son’s venture back to Vietnam to find the remains of one of their own who lost his battle in life during the war and some buried gold they’d hidden years ago,

What I think we’ll see is a lot of their lives during the war and after the war, after having lost their friend. The Vietnam War, particularly, seemed to have a profound effect on black men after returning from the war. Drugs, addiction and lack of employment opportunities plagued the community and I have a feeling that Chadwick Boseman’s character was the rebel of the group and the one that kept them all together.

I don’t really like war movies because their so sad but I do love my Uncle Spike, who is an Academy Award winner ya know, so I will be watching. The cast is great and it’s shot in that traditional, iconic Spike Lee style. It debuts on Netflix this Friday the 12th and I know this may be a hard watch at a time like this but Spike hasn’t been wrong yet….maybe in his choice of basketball team (no one tell him I said that) but never in exploring the black experience in America.

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