Let’s Talk: Movie Soundtracks

I find it really surprising that, whenever I had sat down to write these articles, there is something that I watch or hear that goes with my topic. I was watching one of my podcasts and they happened to mention movie soundtracks. Don’t ask me how they got on the topic because half the time they don’t know.

If anyone knows me, they know two things about me. One, I’m an old soul, and two, I have an obsession with Prince. So with that said, naturally, the Purple Rain soundtrack is golden and undefeated to me. In 1984, “Purple Rain” won for Best Original Song Score. You can argue with me but you know when you hear “Purple Rain” you either feel like crying or putting a lighter in the air while singing along….awfully. Because, face it, we ain’t Prince.

My other all time favorite movie soundtrack is the Dead Presidents soundtrack. Isaac Hayes’ rendition of Dionne Warwick’s classic “Walk On By” is, in my opinion, better than her version. Anyone over 50 can fight me because I SAID WHAT I SAID. It also was the background score to may favorite scene in that movie. An article on that alone will be coming soon but go back and check out why Dead Presidents is one of my favorite movies.

The last soundtrack I will mention is newer and is deemed as FIRE by anyone who watched the film. Black Panther was, almost, unlike any of the other Marvel movies. It was directed by Ryan Coolger and immediately all black people were all in. AND THEN, months later they announced that TDE and Kendrick Lamar would be orchestrating the soundtrack. The movie couldn’t fail with those two things in play. The soundtrack was thought out, expect Future’s part on “King’s Dead”, and you could tell it. The movie is set in Africa and K Dot, and Coogler, made sure that they had all the elements of Africa both in the soundtrack and the movie. The drums, the selection of artists and the progression of the album was phenomenal!

With that being said, the Black Panther soundtrack was the last significant soundtrack that I can remember that was widely talked about. For those who are saying this already, no, I have no seen Rent and will not see Rent. I loath musicals, except for The Wiz and maybe Annie.

An honorable mention goes to Waiting to Exhale, and no, I don’t think biopic movies really count as soundtracks. So with that being said, in addition to Purple Rain, what are some of your favorite soundtracks? Have soundtracks become obsolete because I don’t really hear about movie soundtracks really?

Talk to me! (ode to Petey Greene)

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