Artemis Fowl: Trailer Review

There have been a lot of theatrical releases that have now either been rescheduled for release or released on another platform. This is one of those releases. Artemis Fowl was originally supposed to be released to theaters in May, but because of the Rona, things had to be adjusted.

Artemis Fowl is an adaptation of the book series of the same name that I remember seeing but never read, so I can only go off the trailer for what this movie is about.

According to the trailer, it seems as though Artemis knows what his dad does or at least that he goes on these “missions” of sorts. A gang of fairies (because they look like a gang) kidnaps his dad and it’s up to Artemis and his team to execute a plan to rescue him.

The trailer reminds me of Men in Black, Spy Kids and The Mummy and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing yet. What I do like is that it seems like it will be told through the eyes of Josh Gad’s character Mulch Diggums, who I assume digs…or is that too literal. Seems as though Mulch has been captured and is being questioned about the whereabouts of Artemis and his secrets. I love when movies do that. It’s more creative and gives the movie more of a rounded story.

For all those who have read the book and for those curious, like myself, Artemis Fowl streams on Disney+ on June 12th and I’m sure there will be sequels. I do wonder why they didn’t just do a series but maybe that’s in the works.

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