Hear Me Out: The Fresh Prince Was Just OK

I know the headline alone has me in trouble, but I said what I said. You know when you see those pictures full of logos of various shows from the 90’s, the best decade for television, and they say “One has to go” or “Pick three to watch forever” or something to that effect. I’m going to be totally honest here, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” is usually the one that has to go and I never pick this show as one I want to watch forever.

There’s no particular reason, and yes, I did watch every week when there was a new episode of the re-watchability for me was just lackluster. Is the show a classic? Absolutely. Do I choose to watch a marathon of the “Fresh Prince” when I have nothing else to watch? No, no I do not. I do the “Carlton Dance” very well and enjoy the Tom Jones song he does it to. I appreciated the episode with Ashley and Tevin Campbell and Ashley and her boyfriend, played by Jaleel White. Yes, I love the episode with Aunt Viv dancing and showing all those women up in her dance class, and her teaching Will and his classmates about black history. James Avery as Uncle Phil was the best counter to Will and his antics and the friendship between Will and Jazz was authentic…because you know…they were friends.

I adore Will Smith and I appreciate what they show did for and where it stands in the culture, but I’m not rewatching it like that. Doesn’t really move me or make me laugh except for Jeffery.

So…in baring my soul, does anyone else feel that same way? Anyone? Maybe? Maybe not? Tell there is someone who feels me. Do you have a show that you feel was “just ok” while other feel it was an absolute smash? Although I said what I said, I’m still judging if you say something like “Martin.”

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