Guest Writer: You Remind Me of the Babe…

So full disclosure. I have never seen Labyrinth. I have two friends who are as obsessed with Bowie as I am about Prince. One of those friends I tagged to air her grievances with a sequel to a well-known classic. Here is Angie Judson…

“Is it really news anymore that production companies are making more sequels and remakes right now? I suppose not, but this one has got me a little worked up. I love the Labyrinth; I saw it for the first time when I was a toddler and I can quote it all the way through. I own it on both VHS and DVD because you never know what situation you will be in! But one thing I never asked for, and no one ever asked for, is a sequel or a remake to this cult classic.

Let’s just count all the ways this Labyrinth sequel won’t work: David Bowie is no longer with us. That’s it. That’s basically it. But also: The original had a good ending, no one has ever complained they wanted to know what happened to Jareth the Goblin king or Sarah and Toby. No one has ever asked what has happened to the Labyrinth in all this time, and we don’t need to know!

The only thing I’m not mad about is that they are using Lisa and Brian Henson, the children of the late Jim Henson who did the puppets for the original Labyrinth. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to get me on board with this mess. Though my friend Taylor (the other Bowie enthusiast) and I did discuss that if a sequel must happen then we would like Joey Batey and John Mulaney to be involved in some way. Joey could even write some music for the movie ,which could work. John Mulaney would also add some good comedic relief, maybe as a side character. But it still begs the question: Who would be Jareth? We can’t have the movie without that character or one similar, and no one will ever be as good as Bowie.

Cult classics are cult classics for a reason and that’s that they stand on their own. They don’t need anything else, just the one film. If we start with this madness are we going to see a Rocky Horror sequel next? Or how about The Princess Bride? To sum it all up: no, we don’t want a sequel and can we please move on to some more original ideas?”

If you have a similar issue to get off your chest or you recently saw a movie and want to talk about it, holla at me and we’ll get together!

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