Hustlers looks…OK?

So the trailer for the anticipated movie Hustlers just dropped today and I have thoughts and questions. Here we go!

So, from the looks of the trailer, the story will be carried by Ramona (Jennifer Lopez) and Destiny (Constance Wu who you should remember from Crazy Rich Asians). They are the most prominent in the trailer and the only ones who speak. It seems to me that Ramona is a vet who takes Destiny under her wing. Destiny seems new based on the beginning of the trailer. She tells us that she just wants to take care of her grandma and shop a little. Ramona has a plan for that, and a solid one I might add. Her plan is to take advantage of the Wall Street clientele in order to one, shop and be financially stable and two, to get back at these men for being greedy, white men in a position of power who have used their power to destroy the economy. Ramona is right when she remarks that people will just think they balled out in a strip club. Perfect cover.

This all sounds well and good. A revenge story from an unlikely group and some are also excited to see Lopez and Cardi B swinging on a pole; however, I want this story to have more than just a Lifetime movie plot. What sets this movie apart from one of those movies? Where is the real conflict? Sure, this one has kids and the other wants to take care of her grandma. We all do but what make this worthy of film? Was someone working for the Feds? Was it more than just a few strippers “borrowing” money from wealthy Wall Street guys? Are they just selling us on seeing Jennifer Lopez half-naked on a pole because honestly, we’ve seen that before?

If I had to make a prediction right now, I would say that this movie won’t be as explosive and great as they are hyping it up to be but it will be entertaining, especially depending on how much Cardi B is in the film. If they use her the right way and don’t overuse her loudness, then this could be a winner. I’m just not convinced right now.

Hustlers will be in theaters on September 13th and we’ll see if a later trailer changes my mind but I’m not sure this will be any better than your average Lifetime movie.

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