Spider-Man: Far From Home Spoiler Review

So much to dive into with this film because Far from Home gave me all the things I didn’t even ask for and more! Let’s start at the end because that’s what everyone is talking about, and honestly, we come for the movie but stay for the post-credits scenes.

So Talos….he and his wife were Nick and Maria the whole time! THE WHOLE TIME!

Image result for the whole time mrs doubtfire

I was floored! Why would Nick Fury put Talos in charge of SHIELD? Where was he? What was he doing? Why Talos? Doesn’t Talos have a family he should be caring for? How old is Talos now? So many questions and no answers. From the looks of the trip, Fury is taking a break from leadership to….vacation….to plan a global SHIELD force…who knows because Marvel likes to play with our emotions. They know we won’t get any answers until like 2022 and it will drive us mad. So mad that we will go to the theater four times to see what we missed the first three.

The post-credit scene before that changes the trajectory of Spider-Man as we know him now. First off, applause for Sony for giving us J.K. Simmons as J Jonah Jameson (because who else would you get?!). Second, WHY? What is Spider-Man supposed to do now? What about Aunt May, Ned and MJ? They are all in danger now….UNLESS Spider-Man’s suit was recording like it was in the last film. That way, he could prove that Mysterio was the one who orchestrated it all. I imagine this would be too easy of a fix so I’m sure this isn’t an option for how to get out of this. And now the world knows who he is. I just felt bad for my baby. I’m pretty sure this video was a backup plan of Mysterio’s crew. I saw a review where some think Mysterio isn’t dead but that’ not really how Marvel plays, except with Loki because….Tom Hiddleston.

Speaking of villains, let’s dig into Mysterio and his plan. I was not ready for his plan and the sorted past he had with Iron Man. Marvel has a way of making their villains personal and Mysterio was no different. When he was at the bar with Peter and the glasses conveniently were found by a lady in the bar, I was on high alert. We already knew Mysterio was a villain we just didn’t know what his motive was because, of course, it’s vastly different from that of the comics. The callback to disgruntled ex-employees of Tony’s AND the “truth” about the BARF technology was a contrast to the rest of the world mourning Tony’s sacrifice.

The movie had a heavy Iron Man feels because of Happy and all the murals we saw in every city of Tony. In addition to Peter feeling like he had to be the next Iron Man, but as we know, no one can ever be Iron Man but Tony. Shoutout to EDITH (Even Dead I’m The Hero). Two things made me smile and one of these things gave me chills. The moment he realized his web shooters weren’t working anymore and he had to improvise with the sign and the other thingy tied to a chain. Callback to Cap wielding Mjnior in Endgame with his shield fighting Thanos. The moment that gave me chills and made me smile was on the plane with Happy where he tells him that he will never be Iron Man because Tony was barely the best Iron Man. The moment Happy opens that back hatch and reveals the suit “workshop” of sorts and Peter expands an arm piece AND THEN PUTS HIS ARM IN IT JUST LIKE TONY IS….BASICALLY ANY IRON MAN FILM. THE BEST! Thanks for that, Marvel. Signed, an obsessed fan.

Finally, we get MJ and Peter together. I thought they would make us wait until the next movie to give us this relationship. I also enjoy the fact that her and Ned know that he’s Spider-Man (and so does the world now but before all that). I want to know how they both will help Peter with this “The Whole World Knows My Identity” thing. Will he be like Tony and be all “I am Spider-Man” or will he have to go into hiding?

What I’m really interested in is how the Skrull will effect future Marvel movies. Is it just Talos and his wife on Earth? Is there really a multiverse or nah? Could we see Miles Morales? Will Aunt May ever date Happy or was she serious when she said it was a summer fling?

I enjoyed this intro into the next phase of Marvel. Much like Iron Man, Marvel started with a bang and hopefully, like Endgame, in the next ten years we can end with an even bigger bang.

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