Greenleaf Season 4 looks GREAT!

CHILE! Who knew the church could be this messy? Calvary is now Harmony and Hope, Bishop and Lady May have divorced and Charity is still annoying.

Lady Mae is still trying to get back into the church and execute her plan to run it, to no avail according to the trailer. It also seems like there might be some racial tension this season due to the fact that Harmony and Hope is headed by a white man. Doesn’t seem like the congregation is all too thrilled with the new direction of their beloved Calvary.

It does seem that Charity will be taking a more prominent roll this season as a possible spy for Harmony and Hope. Charity is gullible anyway so I imagine this won’t go as well as she thinks it will. Honestly, I think she just wants to be loved and be the center of attention, something she’s obviously not getting from her parents or siblings.

In this trailer, Jacob refers to the new co-paster as a mix between Voldemort and Uncle Tom. These are some very serious allegations here. I need to know his backstory and what Harmony and Hope is really into. As we’ve seen in the previous three seasons, there is always more than what we think is going on in this damn church. I think the black dude is the muscle for the church. He has to have some type of assorted past that we’ll dig into this season.

Also, where is Basie? I ain’t seen him in this trailer but now would be the time for him to pop back up and either help or further harm the Greenleafs. That would add to the already full plate of drama in this season.

The biggest surprise here is Grace, as usual. I swear we can never have a season where Grace ain’t into something and this season is no different. In addition to having to work in tandem with her mom in order to get their church back, Grace is involved in some case for whatever reason. Could it be something from her past or something that has already been brought up in past seasons coming back to the surface?

There’s so much going on this season, some of which my not even be in the trailer, but we can catch all the mess Tuesday, September 3rd (yes, September. They playing with us and I don’t know why they did this to us.) at 10 pm.

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