Black Mirror Season 5

You read that right. Black Mirror, the famed British tech thriller-drama, is back for a new season with only three new episodes. The lack of episodes could be because not too long ago we got the revolutionary Bandersnatch, the choose-your-own-adventure movie (that I played around with WAY too long). Watch the trailer below and then we’ll discuss.

Now, I’m going to try to predict these various episodes because from the trailer, it looks more like four episodes. They say three so let’s talk about three.

Episode One, and the first scene we get in the trailer, will revolve around Andrew Scott’s character, who you may recognize from the show Sherlock. He is clearly having a mental break…but why? If Black Mirror has taught me anything, it has been to never take anything at face value. His character says something to the effect of “Everywhere we look, people are hooked on things”. If we think about it, the man has a point. Later, if you pause the video every second like I did, there are some hidden scenes in the trailer where we see someone in a MRI like machine (the doctors could be doing an MRI scan. I don’t really know). It could be like “White Bear” where he is reliving something. Maybe he has an implant in his head. I have come to these conclusions because why does he care about what other people are addicted or obsessed with? There’s also a glimpse of this “Smithereen” app. Now, there is no clue what this app does but the man has a gun and judging from the name of the app, it can’t be a good thing. Also in this trailer, we see a woman jogging in front of a building with a similar logo. I bet the woman jogging is some type of scientist or inventor of this app. Food for thought.

Episode Two deals with restlessness in a marriage. Anthony Mackie’s character and, presumably, his best friend, played by the soon to be new Candyman, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II swipe through pictures of younger women in a Tinder like app. He and his wife, played by Nicole Beharie who you may remember from the TV show “Sleepy Hollow” or Jackie Robinson’s wife in 42, have that age old conversation about what it is that is making him think about other women. If you press the space bar on your laptop or pause the trailer every second (again, like I did), there are two interesting scenes that I found…well, three but let’s talk about the two for now. The first scene could be a flashback from a happier time with the couple or it could be something else. In the shot you can clearly see Nicole’s character, but I, personally, can’t make out the male behind her in this dark club. It looks like it could be Mackie but I’m not entirely sure. The beard is making me unsure. Another scene shows Mackie’s character ontop of someone who may be, but is probably not, his wife, I’m going to bet that this was not his wife and maybe the scene with him and his best friend was the catalyst for this bedroom scene. Later, we get to the tech portion of this program. We can see Mackie’s character open a box with a opaque orb in it. Then, we see them over his eye as some sort of contact lenses where we can’t see his eyes. What if these lenses are much like that episode where the soldier saw these creatures whenever he put his gear on INSTEAD of the Middle Eastern people he was actually killing? What if these lenses make him see other women as only his wife or as ugly creatures? Maybe even something more sinister, which begs the question of what could be more sinister? Could it save his marriage or drive him crazy? There has also been some images that I’ve seen with Mackie and Mateen facing off in the rain. What’s up with that? What does the best friend have to do with any of this? Is he the cause? Did he give Mackie this technology that does whatever it does? Could he be the reason the marriage is on the rocks? As you can see, I have an extensive list of questions here and I need them ALL answered.

But nothing compares to what everyone is really talking about. Miley Cyrus returning to the small screen. In Episode Three, we meet a girl who has this Alexa-like device that gives her self-affirmations and compliments when she need them. (If you’ve seen Little, it’s like her homegirl device) Much like any of these devices we use daily, I think this device will get to the point where it will either know too much or do too much. Either option is not good. You may be wondering, what does this have to do with Cyrus? I’ll tell you! I think the girl and Cyrus are connected by this Alexa thing. Think about it. Cyrus is this pop star and this girl has no friends. Coincidence? I think not! Somehow, I think this girl may be able to live through this pop star. There is also this peculiar scene where we see Mantis….I mean Pom Klementieff…in this Mortal Kombat scene. I think this could be another example of how this device could work. It could put this lonely girl in the world with these adoring fans.

All of our answers will be answered June 5th, and on June 6th, there will be a review about how my mind was blown. I love a show or movie that challenges my thinking.

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