The End of the “Infinity Saga”

Now that some of us have dealt with our emotions after the traumatic ending of Endgame, we can focus on Spiderman: Far From Home….or maybe you need more time to cry about the death of Tony Stark. Don’t worry, we’ll still be crying because according to this trailer there will be lot more mourning of Tony. Yup, we will still be crying in June.

This trailer has a heavy Tony Stark presence even though the man is dead. This trailer begs the question: Who will be the next Iron Man? I’ll talk about my thoughts on that later. For now, let’s talk about Mysterio and this rip in our dimension (I’ve said this before. We are all in this together). So Spiderman gets back from the snap, fights in a huge war (He’s at two and a half now because he died in mid-fight. That’s where the half comes from) and loses his mentor all in a matter of like 15-30 minutes. So, naturally, the man is sad and distraught, which we see when he speaks with Happy on the plane. He’s having a tough time readjusting without Tony and we are too, Peter.

Now, Nick Fury is calling Spiderman and I know in this trailer they explain why they can’t call the other Avengers but Spiderman? That’s who you call? Not Ghostbusters? Any who, Nick Fury tracks the kid down on his class field trip and introduces Peter and us (in this together) to Quentin Beck. Quentin Beck is from Earth…just not our Earth because of one of the three snaps. In the comics, Quentin Beck is Mysterio, a con man who’s super power is creating illusions that he can defeat in order to make himself look good. I think that’s what’s happening in this film but Marvel won’t just have him be this con man who comes to this version of Earth to be the next Iron Man. No way. What I want to know is what is Beck’s motive? Why did he leave his version of Earth for ours? In his version of Earth, is there still an Iron Man that he can’t defeat and so he comes to this Earth because our Iron Man is dead? I find it pretty convenient that he shows up now after we’ve defeated Thanos. Like, sir, we could have used you then! And another thing, who does he think he is by telling Spiderman and friends that our Earth needs him? Our world needs Iron Man! I’m just mad at this man. Then I started to think, what if this is another Loki/Thanos situation? In the first Avengers, as we all well know by now, Loki was under orders from Thanos to retrieve the stones. What if Beck is under the same orders? Question is from who?

I also believe that the snap that tore a hole in our reality what Hulk’s snap. His snap was the only one that required maybe opening a portal or something in order to get all our heroes back. Also, Marvel needs to tell us where everyone was because they were dead but not Tony dead. Where did the stones take them? Could Thanos and his army be back?

We’ll have to wait until July 5th for the official last installment in the “Infinity Saga”. Yeah, ya’ll, THIS is it and then we start anew. Let’s see where we’re going.

Side note: Where is Captain Marvel? Like really. You introduced ole girl and we ain’t seen much of her in A WHILE! Where she at? I want to know and soon!

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