My Childhood is on Netflix

As a 90’s baby, I remember Carmen Sandiego. I don’t know where she came from but her and I are old friends. I don’t remember her backstory. I just know she stole stuff and people were always looking for her. The Netflix series explains all of what we wondered about the mysterious lady named Carmen Sandiego.
Carmen, voiced by Gina Rodriguez, is an orphan in this series, found by V.I.L.E. and having Russian dolls as her only belongings. Here’s what we learn about Carmen: What happens when you train all your life to be something that you later find out hurts people? What do you do? Better yet, who is Carmen Sandiego?
I’m only three episodes in right now but I loved this animated series already. It’s educational in a different way than when I was a kid. It’s for a new generation but at the heart of the series it’s still the same story.
The animation reminds me of The Boondocks and it sets itself apart from  the past Carmen Sandiego stories by giving her a personality and a very interesting backstory. A version you and your child can enjoy…or in my case, a version I can enjoy as an adult.
If you’re not convinced yet here’s some what you’ll find out about Carmen:

  • Why she wears a red coat and hat?
  • Who is looking for her?
  • Why she steals?
  • And last but not least, where in the world is she and why?
  • Give it a try. I’m hooked already!

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