The Sandlot as a TV Series?

Below is an article I just found about The Sandlot. utm_campaign=complexmag&

So listen, much like everything else I’ve written about this year and last, we need to start asking the question, “Do we need a remix or sequel for (insert movie or TV show here)?”. So we’ve sold a pitch for making the cut classic The Sandlot a television series, complete with the original cast. Here’s what I want to know, “Why do we need a ‘Sandlot’ TV series?”

I remember watching this movie when I was in daycare and most recently, I watch the movie while I was putting my Christmas tree up for the first time in my new house. There are no details as to what the show will be about or it will be the same plot just with different kids who may be the sons of the original cast. Will they live in the same neighborhood? Will the kids even like playing outside? Are the original boys their dads or just people who live in the neighborhood? These are things I need to know!

Either way, I feel like I need more information on this series and how it’s going to work before I make a decision on whether we should be prepared to watch. Right now, my initial response is no but that could change.

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