Endgame Thoughts

Above is the newest trailer of Avengers: Endgame and after watching many theory videos, I have thoughts and feelings that may go against the grain.

First thought, what if Captain Marvel doesn’t play a big a role as we think she will. Now, Marvel is very secretive about their plans so that is probably why we don’t see her in the trailer; however, they were quick to release the new Spiderman trailer even though we shouldn’t know that Spiderman survives (although, it had been released that there would be a sequel to Spiderman: Homecoming). Either way, I think it would be a little too convenient to have Captain Marvel helping the Avengers and it would take up too much time to explain why we never called her before. Furthermore, unlike DC movies (Lawd, smh), Marvel knows how to explain things in a finite amount of time so that we understand what we need to know for that particular plotline. For example, we didn’t spend too much time on Thanos’ backstory. We got just enough in order to know why we needed the snap to happen.

Crazy theory alert! What if the quantum particles AND…wait for it…the HULK are what save the day. I know, I know. Hulk is problematic because he never came out in Infinity War but maybe it will take an event like this to make Hulk come out. Also, has anyone ever thought about Hulk and Banner and the snap? Like isn’t Banner technically two people? How did he beat the snap?

Anyway, back to crazy theories. I saw an article about Sam exposing a huge spoiler about the movie and it was the fact that Captan Marvel could time travel. I feel like that is more of a spoiler for her movie and not Endgame. She would have cause to go back in time for her movie, not so much in Endgame. Also, I would imagine that she could be the only person who could time travel. I don’t think she could take people with her or if she could, it would be like one person. This doesn’t seem like something we (yes, I said we because the world is at stake and we are one…even without powers) can use.

In the previous trailer, we saw that Antman found a way out of the quantum realm. Can’t wait to see if he just did what he did last time to get out or if he has a new trick up his sleeve. Remember, ole girl told him not to get trapped in a time vortex because they wouldn’t be able to get him out? Don’t think that’s a route we should or could take without the Pym family; HOWEVER, he should have quantum particles that Banner could use somehow. I saw that Shuri is missing in the previous trailer and Stark is in space with Nebula so he’s on his own this time. Maybe they can use the particles somehow to do some time travel or something science-y.

What I can’t predict is where this battle will take place? Space or Earth? I haven’t heard any thoughts on that and I don’t have a clue.

I do agree with the theory that Thor and Rocket go off on their own and who knows what this means for the future of Thor. I know the first phase of the MCU is supposed to be wrapped up with this movie but the potential of Thor and the Guardians is intriguing.

April 26th, y’all. I’ll be in the back row, my lap filled with a tub of popcorn, assorted snuck in treats (don’t tell nobody!) and a slushie!

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