“Shaft”…is Bad and Not Like Good

I love black films because I am a black woman, but let me say this…not everything needs a remake. I get it, we want to engage the young people with new versions of older films but what is wrong with the original. Here’s the synopsis and see if you agree with me.

John Shaft Jr. (Jessie Usher; he’s actually John Shaft III) had graduated from MIT as has made a life in cyber security. Somewhere in this story, his best friend is killed and he realizes that he needs his family’s help to solve the murder. It’s like getting the band back together but the band never knew about the long lost son…who was never lost because they never knew about him.

I love Sam Jackson in anything but again, WE DON’T NEED A NEW SHAFT. I think this one is supposed to be different because it’s more of a comedy than a drama like the past two but…still don’t want it. I feel like this will be too much haha and not enough substantial plot. I could be wrong but from the trailer, I don’t think I am.

The new iteration of Shaft hits theaters on June 14th. They have until then to convince me otherwise. And another thing, if i go see this movie, Richard Roundtree better be in the movie more than just at the tail end. I hate when movies do that and this movie could fall into that trap, but also, don’t have Roundtree doing stupid stuff. I just don’t want this new Shaft to be dumb. That’s all.

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