“Boomerang” Reloaded

There hasn’t been much to go off of for this new age “Boomerang” besides the fact that Lena Waithe and Halle Berry are executive producers. I have looked and I have watched all the behind the scenes things and I still don’t know the trajectory of this series so bare with me.

The series is allegedly not a remake but a spin off…with the same name. Yeah, I don’t get that one either. I think it was easy marketing and easier than making a new name for the series. This is a series about the kids of the famous characters from the first movie and their friends.

Simone Graham works at the Graham Agency (See, when you name it the Graham Agency, it puts pressure on Eddie Murphy to appear in the show and you can make an argument that he doesn’t have to appear but again, it’s called the GRAHAM agency.) and is the child of Marcus and Angela. As a Graham, I imagine she’s lived in the shadow of her father for most, if not all, her life and so now is the time where she wants to make a name for herself sans her father. Bryson Broyer is the son of Jaqueline Broyer and he’s the best friend of Simone. Let’s pause here. Why would Jaqueline’s son and Marcus’ daughter be friends? They weren’t even buddy-buddy at the end of the original movie so again, why would they be friends and best friends at that? I guess. I trust Lena so I’ll roll with it.

Beside these two main characters, there are other assorted characters in the series that make it not a remake. There’s a character who’s a stripper, someone else is trying to find their way and place in the agency and someone else wants to be a rapper (surprise, surprise). So picture this in Atlanta in 2019. That’s the vibe that Lena is going for.

With the series, I am putting a lot of faith in Lena because her work is phenomenal but I have pause because even though they say this isn’t a remake, we all know and love Boomerang and assume that this is a remake. To me, personally, I think that this series will remind me of Insecure. It will probably be a new younger version of Insecure and they will have to fight that too. I have high expectations for the show and I want it to live up to them. BET has been stepping up to the plate in regards to their original programming and this is what they seem to be hanging their had on this season. Don’t let us down, BET, Lena and Halle!

Boomerang airs tomorrow night on BET at 10 pm. Let’s watch and tweet!

Also, here is an article where Lena discusses the show. It’s a good read.

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