Boomerang: Review

So listen, Boomerang is just Insecure on BET. Fight me. That being said, I love the first two episodes; however, there is something in this series that will surely get on my nerves. Bryson and Simone and this love triangle with whoever decides to waltz into Simone’s life. Does anyone else what the Netflix show Dear White People? Remember, Joelle and Reggie and how long it took for those two to get together? Yeah, same storyline here. And here’s my prediction for how this relationship will play out. Bryson will be so caught up with Simone that he won’t be able to stand himself. Simone will find someone that will seem like the right guy and Bryson will give up. Then, Bryson will find someone who will make Simone look like the lion-face woman and they will get together. Simone’s relationship will fall apart and she will see that Bryson was exactly what she was looking for, much like her father with Angela. By then, it will be too late and I will be annoyed and if i’m right, someone better pick me to read and write screenplays.

Anyway, I thought the concept would be overdone, and it is, but there is a freshness about the series. It has that evergreen feel like it could last for years without having to be in this era, if that makes sense.

Stripper girl, Tia I believe, is funny. I like how she juxtaposes the rest. Ari does the same for the guys. I laughed out loud a couple of times, talked to the characters through the TV, all good signs. I repeat, if I have to watch this Bryson/Simone thing for too long, I will be tweeting and facebooking about it.

Also, I know Lena made a statement about the original cast making a cameos and how if you wanted to see then, then she hadn’t done her job well. Well, Lena, you have done your job well, and exceeded my expectations, but I still need to see Gerard, Jaqueline, Angela and/or Marcus. It just has to happen. We can’t just watch these new characters, who belong to people we’ve seen before, and never see these parents. Black Twitter and original Boomerang fans won’t allow it. I’m not sorry. Give us what you know we want.

Just think of what a cameo from Robin Givens could do for Bryson and us understanding why he is the way he is. Or Simone having a conversation with her mother, Angela, and that conversation, again, giving insight into that character. Only Angela can tell her daughter that she is her father’s child and us knowing what that means.

Boomerang is Amber approved so every Tuesday at 10 pm it’s a date!

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