Fantastic Beast: Review

So listen, there was a lot to unpack in this movie and I know there have been some unsavory reviews online about this film but I’m about to play devil’s advocate. Here goes…

Let’s start with the name of the film, There were no crimes in this film…well not enough of them to to tile the film Crimes of Grindelwald. Next, there’s the McGonagall situation which could be explained via a Time Tuner but not exactly. You see the point of a Time Turner is to alter the past but not be seen. So since we see her AND hear her name I don’t think we can use Time Turners as an excuse. Queenie is on the bad side now which I saw coming because Queenie is a bit naive. This was one that people couldn’t wrap their head around but c’mon guys, she’s not the brightest even though she is a Legilimens. Nagini was a straight wash. She added absolutely nothing. She wasn’t even a prominent figure in the film but I know there is a reason why Jo introduced us to her. Otherwise, this would be a complete waste of film. Maybe she added her in now because of the sides that people chose. Maybe she is setting up the juxtaposition of the side she chose in the 20’s and the side she ended up on in the 90’s. I harken this film to that of the Half-Blood Prince. This film is a means to an end. It’s the set up film. We’re not going to like all of it but we need the information in this film to progress to the next. Then, there’s the big one, Credence. They never really explain how he survived a dozen stuns from a dozen MACUSA officials but sure. He’s powerful. I’ll accept it. I have a theory about Credence. I’ll get to that later. 

I am glad we didn’t have to wait until the next film or the film after that in order to find out why Dumbles and Grindy can’t fight each other. Blood pact. I think because they may have been in love that they made this pact in anticipation of a fight. Why? No idea but they’re two smart men so I assume they knew that no one is perfect and that a fight could happen. What I want to know is what will it take to destroy the blood pact? Is it like a horcrux? Do we need the sword of Gryffindor? Will Dumbledore really want to destroy it and fight his friend? We’ll see…

At first watch (because I saw this twice in one day), I thought the longing Newt had for Tina was annoying. At second watch, it thought it sweet and it didn’t take long for us to see them together. We now know when he is in trouble that his name is Mr. Scamander. I loved this and she was so serious with it. She was mad. Thank God we got Jacob back; however, I did wish we would have started from the end of the last film. Six months had passed and a lot had changed. I was mainly lost as to what Tina was doing in Paris and who she was working for as well as why Queenie needed to enchant Jacob. 

The opening flight/escape scene lasted a little too long but it did transition us from the first film to this darker second film. Bunty and her lust for Newt and his complete ignorance of it was the best! The lady literally told him to take off his shirt and he was like, “Nah, I’m ok. You can go home.” Does not know what flirting is. I love his innocence. There is a reason why we met the zouwu and the Japanese water demon. Also baby niflers! That is all.

Now, I have a theory on Credence and this idea that he’s a Dumbledore (not THE Dumbledore but part of that family). Now, all the real Potterheads have dissected this idea and they don’t like it. What I do know is that Jo told us that she knows what will happen in each of the remaining three films. We haven’t seen Aberforth yet and I have a wild idea what Credence could have been him even though that is not what Grindelwald called him nor is there evidence to support this theory. Also, I don’t think Jo would have set up this whole red herring deal and revealed this whole mystery about Credence if Grindelwald was lying. If it is, Jo will receive a lot of angry letters. Also, because of Credence’s shear power, this wouldn’t be the smartest thing, Grindy. 

If you are a Harry Potter fan, trying to figure this all out will drive you crazy, and let’s be honest, that’s what we wanted. If you have no seen the first movie, do not go see this movie until you do. The baby niflers won’t make sense if you don’t and neither will the rest of the film. 

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