My Christmas Inn

I guess it’s Christmas season so I am forced to do Christmas movie reviews. I’ve been sitting in my house watching old movies and TV shows and I happened to come across My Christmas Inn.

My Christmas Inn stars Tia Mowry-Hardrict as Jen Taylor who is an ad executive in San Francisco when she gets a call that her great aunt has passed. I’m going to be honest, I missed the first ten minutes of the movie so I’m not sure if she willed it to her or if Jen is the only living relative she had, but she now in charge of an inn in, of all places, Alaska. She travels to Alaska, the fictional Chestnut Hills to be exact, with the goal of fixing the inn up and selling it. 

So listen, and I’ve said this before, Lifetime, Hallmark and Christmas movies alike follow the same formula. Girl meets guy, add conflict, and in this case Christmas lights, and stir. This movies was much like that but I do enjoy the new twists to these new Christmas movies. I like the addition of the inn. I also liked the fact that Jen found her great aunt’s diary so we could get a feel for who her aunt was without having to do a bunch of flashbacks or ghost encounters. 

A random thing I enjoy about Lifetime in general. I noticed as soon as I started watching this film that Tia was pregnant with her baby girl so the entire film she wore a larger coat and larger printed shirts to hide the fact that she was pregnant. I liked that Tia being pregnant didn’t deter Lifetime from having her as the led for this film. 

This movie also had great side stories. There was the story about the mailman and the chair of the town’s Christmas traditions. I don’t think they finished that story. We also got the added bonus of Jackee Harry and Tim Reid as Jen’s parents. Family reunion and I loved it! I have also noticed that these movies have started to have interracial couples. Brian Anderson (Rob Mayes) ends up being the man of her dreams but does she see it in time? 

All in all, Jen is trying to find out where she belongs. She’s never been into Christmas, she didn’t visit her aunt as much as she should have and she struggles with the staying in Alaska or continuing her life in San Francisco.

I’m not really into the cheesiness of what we call Christmas movies but…

Should you see this movie?

All you Christmas loving movie watchers will love ALL the Christmas that is in this movie. The town revolves around the holiday. There are lights, decorating gingerbread men and candy can ring toss. Enjoy. For the rest of us normal people, it’s not as cheesy as I thought it would be. 

Where can I find this movie?

It will be running on Lifetime whether we like it or not. It will be in between all the other Christmas movies they’ll be airing this season. It is a new Christmas movie in the lineup.

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