Creed 2: Review

So the first Creed was about Adonis being able to live up to his father’s name, finding his footing and finally forging his own legacy. The first movie was also, as I pointed out in my post about the trailer, directed by Ryan Coogler. New director, new focus.

I literally just came from the movie and it was so good that I had to put it all down. 

So listen, I wanted the freeze frames with the weight and record of the opposing fighter. I didn’t get that in this film and I didn’t need it. As I stated already, the first movie was focused on legacy. I think this film’s natural progression was to family. There was a lot about the importance of family and what it means to be family.  I can honestly say that there wasn’t nothing that I didn’t like in this film. I am literally thinking about something I can say that I didn’t like and all I can think of is the fight scenes because I felt every punch in my chest. I had anxiety watching those scenes which is a good thing. 

Let’s unpack this movie shall we…

I love the visual and thematic juxtaposition between Adonis (Donnie) and Viktor. I noticed throughout the film that all of Donnie’s shots were in warm light. He was usually surrounded by either Bianca or Rocky or both. Viktor’s shots were all bleak, partly because they are in the Ukraine. and the only family surrounding Viktor was his father, who is not doing the best job as a dad. Donnie starts with everything. A title, a family and the start of a strong legacy but this movie begs the question “At what cost?”. I loved in the first movie how they showed the progression of Adonis from underground fighter to respected fighter who no longer had to fight in underground rings in Mexico. In this film, it’s not all about Donnie. We get to see Viktor’s life and torment, too. Donnie has been trying to live up to the legacy of a man he never got a chance to know. Viktor Drago has it worse. He is the son of a disgraced fighter who is using him to regain the glory of the Drago name in Russia. The Drago family had it all and lost it all in one fight and they want their revenge. 

I also enjoyed the fact that this film started with the Drago family. I didn’t even think that they would do that so great job y’all. Now what I was looking forward to was that iconic shot like we got from the first movie. Remember the scene where Donnie is running down the streets of Philly and the bikers guys ride past him? We got an attempt from Steven, the director, but it just didn’t have the same impact as the scene I described. I guess that was a downside. 

Let’s talk about these fight scenes. I had anxiety with every fight scene, more so than the first movie. What I also noted as I watched these sequences is the fact that all of them were shot close to the fighters. As you watch the film, you’ll understand why but I liked being able to be in the ring the entire time and not just when an undercut came. 

Since this film is not as Donnie centric as the first, we get to see the rise and fall of both Viktor and Adonis is a really cool way. We get to see what happens when one fighter has the glory while the other searches for it. We get to see Donnie as a father and Viktor’s relationship, or lack thereof, with his father. We get to see Bianca and Donnie’s relationship ebb and flow. His relationship with Rocky is tested too. That was a shock because in watching this movie I thought Bianca would make him choose between her and the baby and fighting. 

The impending Creed/Drago fight is what some come for but you’ll realize you got a lot more when you leave. Also, never hire the guy who trains the loser to train you. This is will make more sense once you’ve seen the movie. I can also see it being a meme. 


Should I go see this movie?

If you are a fan of the first movie, I would DEFINITELY go see this sequel. I laughed, l almost cried, i cringed and I enjoyed myself. Did not disappoint.

When does this movie come out?

Creed II is out NOW! After eating your turkey and taking a nap, go see this movie.

I will leave you with this…Shirtless Michael B. Jordan. That is all.

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