Avengers: Endgame…I Have Feelings

So, I woke up to this trailer dropping, and as the title suggests, I have feelings. For those of you who haven’t watched the trailer (why you wouldn’t have, I don’t know), watch the sadness below first. 

So I’m going to break this up into parts talking about each Avenger. I have a lot of feelings about this trailer and I have a lot of predictions as well. So here goes…

We start with who we started with in this journey…Iron Man…on a ship…by himself…or is he? He leaves a message for Pepper, who I think we will see later in an Iron Man like suit. Listen, Tony can’t die yet. There is a reason we’re all left with the original six in this last Avenger film. There could be even more of a reason besides nostalgia purposes. It seems like he’s alone but then later there’s a scene with Nebula on the same ship…and she should know how to work the ship so what happened on that ship to the point where they can’t get back to headquarters. (Not home. They have work to do.) I’ve seen some trailer breakdown videos and those fans seem to think that this is where we will see Captain Marvel because, to their knowledge, she lives in deep space but does a pager have that kind of range? I feel like we’re making assumptions about her whereabouts but we’ll see at the end of the Captain Marvel.

Onward to Thanos who is doing as he said he would, resting on what the Russo brothers are calling “Titan II”. His armor is hanging up in a field and he looks like he is in recovery. The man has done what he said he was going to do and he doesn’t think anyone can reverse it. Rest, Thanos. Rest. 

Then we get back to Earth where Cap, Black Widow, Thor and Banner (because he refuses to be Hulk. Well, Hulk refuses to come out.) trying to figure out what to do. Here’s a pivotal bit of information that reminded me of something I either saw or heard. If you look closely at the people Banner is looking at, we see Shuri’s picture before we see Spiderman’s. Somewhere earlier in my sadness about T’Challa and Spiderman being gone, I heard that M’Baku would be taking the mantel of Black Panther, which at the time I didn’t think was strange because I figured that needed Shuri to work with Tony and Bruce to figure this all out. Now that tidbit of information takes a whole new meaning.

Back to Cap. I didn’t go with everyone else’s theory about Cap dying when Chris Evans said goodbye on Twitter because Cap has options. He could retire, which I think Stark will do after this movie, or he…could die. So the moment in the trailer where he’s looking at Peggy’s picture in a compass could be foreshadowing because if you remember from Captain America: The First Avenger there was that scene where they were trying to figure out who was ready to be this bionic soldier. They threw a fake grenade and Cap was the only one who didn’t run. Remember that shot of Peggy when he jumped on the fake grenade? So yeah, he may die but I’m not prepared for that…like AT ALL. 

Later, we see that Natasha has found Haweye…killing people. Go figure. He looks pissed but also tired like he’s been killing people for a reason and for awhile. Now, remember that line in one of the Avengers films when he told someone that he had just a bow and arrow and aliens were coming from the sky and none of what was happening made sense? I want to know where he’s been and how he is. How are we going to use him and Black Widow? 

Last but not least, Scott Lange is not missing. He was in the quantum realm. I’m going to be honest. I have not seen Ant Man & The Wasp so I don’t know exactly how the quantum realm works exactly but I will have watched that movie by the time Captain Marvel arrives. Apparently, we (I say “we” because we are all on this journey.) have to go into the quantum realm to retrieve everyone…but how and where is the quantum realm exactly. See, I need these questions answered. I’m going to buy it tonight. 

Finally, I really like the title art for this movie. The purple is really haunting but just the right hue to be pretty. I’m a girl. Sue me. 

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