Hidden Gem: ‘Tower of Terror’

Attention Disney Channel movie generation, Tower of Terror is not on Disney+. I repeat. It is NOT on Disney+ and we should riot about it so they add it. I had to watch this classic on a DVD my best friend ordered and that doesn’t sit well with me.

Tower of Terror is the story of a decades long mystery that gets solved by a uncle-daughter duo. Uncle Buzzy makes his living as a sensationalist. He seems to do a lot of work for these fakes stories he creates, which as a journalist myself didn’t make sense to me. Also, the old lady who came to Buzzy to tell him the story of the disappearance of famed Sally Shine, a discount Shirley Temple, knew WAY too much about this witch’s curse the nanny allegedly cast on the girl and the hotel.

First thing’s first, Buzzy is the worse journalist in the world and not because he fabricates stories for a living, but because he does not vet his stories. The whole point of being a journalist is to dig into a myatery to find the truth. The story Buzzy wrote five years ago that disgraced him should have never been published. How do you get a video of the mayor taking a bride from the mob and not do your due diligence to get sources and trace the money? How? Buzzy shouldn’t even be a journalist. Make him a mechanic or something else because journalism is not his thing.

Abigail….how have you held this grudge for so long? You sister, as far as we knew, never did anything specifically to you, so what was the reason, girl? I get it. Your sister got more attention than you did but she never treated you any type of way. And where did she get this spell book from? Who taught her to do this? And why do this on your birthday? You already said folk don’t be paying attention to you, and so you decided that it would be a good idea to kill or make your sister disappear on your birthday to draw more attention to her. Doesn’t sound like a great plan to me.

They never gave us a flashback of what happened that night, where Abigail got that spell book from, why her parents didn’t realize she wasn’t at a party for her, and what made everyone abruptly leave after the accident. We have some questions that need answers, honestly. In rewatching, it bothered me that the people at the party knew how long they had been waiting for the guests in the elevator. That’s not how spells work. The people in the elevator should know that’s it’s been 60 years, but the people at the Tip Top Club should just think it’s Halloween of 1939. That bothered me to no end at the end of the movie.

You know what shocked me when I first watched this movie back in the day on Disney Channel? That Claire and Gilbert were romantically involved. There were no hints, no clues, no nothing, but we got a proposal at the end of the movie. And he was rude and pessimistic the entire film, which was hilarious to me.

So are you with me? Will you fuss at Disney to give us our movie back so we don’t have to buy the DVD to relive such a hidden gem? Also, while I’m on my soapbox with Disney, please take the new Under Wraps off Disney+ and give us the original. Please and thank you. You know the new one is worse than Hocus Pocus 2, and no one asked for a new version! I digress. Disney, please put my classics on the app. Signed, a Disney Channel kid.

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