Let’s Talk: Who Broke the Multiverse?

Since Wandavision, Loki and the coming of Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, we’ve longed to point the finger at the person responsible for destroying the multiverse. Some argue Wanda, some say Sylvie and some even say Dr. Strange, but all of you are WRONG! I just came from Spider-Man: No Way Home and everyone in the movie wanted to blame Peter for destroying the peace we now have since you know….Thanos, but ladies and gentlemen, despite what you may think you know, it was Aunt May at her job with Dr. Osborne. I said what I said.

Now, I made this a “Let’s Talk” so I could get some feedback. I’m still right about this and you’ll have to have a really compelling argument to prove me wrong, but I will entertain the arguments. Now, why would I be mad at such a sweet, nice looking lady like this series’ Aunt May? Well, I’ll tell you why! We had a chance to put everyone back. We had all the people and Strange had already made the arrangements but nooooo, here comes Aunt May trying to save Green Goblin/Dr. Osborne OF ALL PEOPLE. She didn’t see his movie. He’s been touched, ma’am. He don’t want to be saved, and her Peter was partially right. This wasn’t his problem….entirely. He must have forgot the part where he asked Strange to cast this spell that he changed six times because Peter kept asking for more things. It’s his responsibility to contain these people that were brought to his reality and put them back. That part is his business. Them dying in their reality and their mental health in their reality is not his responsibility, AUNT MAY! She would still be here if she wasn’t so trusting. You just met this man and want to help him AFTER Peter told you he was a villain from another universe and needs to go back.

So, no, I think the moment in Loki where He Who Remains talks about passing over the threshold and when Wanda assumes to her Scarlett Witch-ness is the exact moment in No Way Home when Strange cannot contain his spell and it explodes into the sky and we see the cracks in the multiverse. And all of that could have been avoided of Aunt May didn’t guilt Peter into trying to save each one of these people. And another thing, doesn’t fixing them change what happened in their reality and aren’t we not supposed to be changing people’s realities all willy-nilly? That’s her fault, too. We’re still going to pour one out for Aunt May but she caused her own death and the very person she wanted to save killed her.

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But, go ahead, let’s talk or argue about who really tore apart the universe as we know it.

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