Hear Me Out: I Don’t Care About Black Widow

I feel like there are a lot of you who feel the same way but just haven’t said it out loud. When they told me that Spider-Man: Far From Home would be the end of Phase Three, I didn’t completely understand at the moment, but it eventually made sense. Black Widow starting Phase Four does not make sense to me. And yes, I know I haven’t seen the movie yet. The movie could be fantastic, but be honest, did you care when Natasha died in Endgame? You did not. You were silent like the rest of us during that fight, and honestly, I would have felt more for Clint if he died. Maybe because he had a family or maybe I felt closer to Clint for whatever reason. Natasha always seemed like a character that was just there and didn’t really serve a significant purpose. They tried to give her a purpose in Civil War and even in Endgame but again, I did not care.

In Black Widow, we are supposed to be introduced to Romanoff’s past in the “Red Room” with the rest of the widows, get an understanding of what happened in Budapest and will be introduced to “Taskmaster.” The only thing I care about amongst these three things are Budapest. I want to know what happened and why she thought Budapest was like New York. Other than that, what else do I need from Natasha. I feel it’s too late for us to delve into her past especially now that she’s dead and we don’t care. Personally, I would care more if she was alive and this movie was in Phase Three around the time Ant-Man came out. If this movie had came out in Phase Three, I might have cared more about her dying.

Hey, Marvel fans, let me here you sound off! Do you care? Will you be watching? What does this movie need to have in order for this to be a major hit for you? Let me know in the comments!


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