A Deep Dive into ‘Loki’: “The Nexus Event”

Didn’t I say that the TVA was a hoax? Did I call it or did I call it? Applause for me! I just wanted to get that out of the way. What I didn’t see coming was a flashback to Sylvie’s earlier life so soon. I’m interested to know, once we figure out who or what is running the show, how one becomes a judge or a hunter or a paper-pusher. Who determined which variants to take and have work for the TVA and which ones to prune? I also kind of called this budding relationship between Loki Prime and Sylvie.

Did anyone else think of WandaVision during this episode? Wanda created a Nexus-like event by creating her anomaly for her love while Loki Prime and Sylvie created a strange branch in time when they held hands. Seems like a full circle moment for these three Disney+ shows, if you ask me.

Jamie Alexander, who plays a fed-up Sif, deserves MVP for this episode because of the extent of what she had to do in order to torture Loki. Some of those takes were looped and cut together but some of those takes were her repeating these lines the same way every time, but that last time? Special. It takes a lot of conviction to be able to deliver lines the same way multiple times as well as being able to deliver these lines in the same manner but punching certain words to warrant a different meaning. But is the God of Mischief really meant to be alone? Something else that becomes a full circle moment is seeing Loki realize who he was and who he wants to work to be. Same thing with Wanda and Sam and Bucky. They all had to come to realization of who they were and make a choice about who they wanted to be.

One thing I noticed that kind of bothered me. As the God of Mischief, why does Loki not have a better BS radar? I could tell that Mobius was lying and not even because I’m a viewer who knows more than the character. Remember when I mentioned the full circle moment earlier with Wanda and her anomaly? When Mobius starts to talk about the budding romance between Loki and Sylvie possibly causing chaos, I immediately thought of WandaVision. The chaos of that show was rooted in sadness, pain and loss as a result of Wanda losing the love of her life. I see what you did here, Marvel!

Now, if you’re a regular here, you know I had a HUGE problem with the “Agatha All Along” reveal. I have a slight problem with the convenience of the trust between Hunter B-15 and Slyvie. I get Slyvie had the answers, Sway, but for her to just kind of automatically believe, what she knows to be, a Loki is a bit too on the nose for me. Just saying. I won’t rant about it like I did with the Agatha situation, but quit it, Marvel. Them in the rain was a beautiful scene. I will give you all that and I did like seeing the poster that I think now was propaganda for these variant turned TVA employees.

Hear me out, I have a working theory that I think will evolve as I continue to watch and rewatch the show. Go back in your mind to the beginning of the episode where Renslayer, who is basically who Hunter B-15 is now, brings Sylvie in. Notice how Sylvie just takes her pad and rolls out. Renslayer makes no effort to go after her. She actually kind of looks like she knew Sylvie would escape and she wanted her to do exactly that. I think Ravonna told her this information that is now unraveling this illusion. Why would I think this? Because who else would have told her this information? You may say a variant she enchanted but none of. those people knew they were variants when she captured them so it couldn’t be them. The tension between Renslayer and Sylvie is just too intense for it to just be as simple as you were the variant that got away.

I got to the post credits scene in this episode and said out loud, “What in the party city is this?” Who are these people and why is one of them wielding Mjolnir? Also, where does the man behind the curtain reside? He clearly isn’t behind a curtain in that room, literally, but he has to be somewhere close by. And, hey Marvel, is it supposed to be cold in that room and if so, why? What’s the point?

Let me know what you think? Did I miss anything? Will Loki Prime be able to tell Sylvie that he loves her? Still don’t think she’s a Loki so no, it’s not weird for me.

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