Stroll Down Memory Lane: Jumanji

Since we’ve all been living in the world of Jumanji for the past couple of months, let’s give honor and glory to this classic 90’s film. I remember being introduced to this movie and absolutely loving the film!

Since I’m an old lady in my mind, I recognized David Alan Grier, from In Living Color, and of course I knew Robin Williams. The entire story was so whimsical and there were lessons in it that I didn’t realize until I was an adult, but you want to know what I didn’t get until maybe two years or so ago?


Yup, although I am 28 currently. Let’s explore why this is though. So Alan, Robin Williams’ character, and his dad never really got along. His dad wanted Alan to be more straight-laced like himself and Alan wanted to be a kid and have a dad that would foster that in him. We only saw their relationship for like 20 minutes of the film, but we could see the strain in the relationship. Then, Alan plays the game with Sarah and gets sucked into the game for a number of years. In the game, Alan is terrorized by Van Pelt. Van Pelt also despises Alan’s free spirit and his childlike nature. Sound familiar? This is just one of the lessons I missed as a child.

The relationship between Peter and Alan is a reflection of the relationship Alan had with his father. Now, I sort of got this parallel when I was a kid watching this. (Remember, I’m an old lady in my spirit.) Peter has a bit of Alan in him, and as time goes on and as they try to end the game, you can see Alan struggle with trying to discipline Peter and recognizing that he’s a child and should be treated as such because….he’s a boy growing into a man.

Let’s veer off here. David Alan Grier is a gem! I absolutely love that man and the best part about this movie was Grier screaming when anything happened. His comedic timing was genius! I want to thank Keenan Ivory Wayans and the Wayans family for introducing me to him because he is my forever favorite. Watch below and let’s laugh as a family.

This is where Carl and Aunt Norah come back to the house to look for the kids. Sarah rolled and created a monsoon.
Carl and Norah before they get to the house. They ended up walking to the Parrish home.

Last but not least, below is one of my favorite scenes in this film. Poor rhino. He was small and was trying to keep up with everyone else. They needed a buddy system for him.

Yes, I have seen the remake or continuation, if you will and the concept is better than what I though they were aiming for; however, there will never be anything that can top the original! A young Kirsten Dunst, Holly Hunt with Robin Williams at the helm. Our lives as 90’s kids is unmatched!

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