Let’s Talk: The Dangers or Miracles of Science and Technology

Jurassic Park was one of the first times I can remember where I wondered what could happen if we went too far with or technological and scientific advancements. Was I the only one? Anyone? Ok, I was an honors nerd and it’s not my fault they forced me to think deeply at a young age. But think about it, how far is too far?

John Hammond wanted to bring a world that had long past to the present for study and pleasure. Of course, there was profit involved but Hammond seemed more like a person who was more interested in what we could discover about our current world from these past creatures, but like Malcolm was trying to tell everyone, all magic comes at a price….wrong show but you get my point. He couldn’t think that if he brought these creatures back that thee wouldn’t be problems, like major problems. Honestly, I think only Malcolm really understood the gravity of the situation. As we see the series progress, we see humans do what they usually do, more so Americans–try to find a way to make a profit. We see people in an amusement, zoo-like environment being able to ride the dinosaurs, watch some of ’em flip out of the water like Willy or Shamu and Chris Pratt’s character, Owen, training them like they’re dogs. Now, we all know, and should have enough common sense to know, that this is now how you treat A DINOSAUR. There is a reason why only certain prehistoric creatures survived. So why risk it? For the love of science? Profit? To see how far we can go, like in Jurassic World when they created a whole new dinosaur (not the greatest idea but who am I?)?

Let me give you another example. Tony Stark. Stark’s industry was weapons. His father didn’t start out that way, per say, but Tony decided to go for the money and evolve his family business into a for-profit weapons business. As he continued to learn in his journey through the MCU, the weapons he created made millions for him but killed millions more around the world. However, the evolution of his tech combined with his genius was able to defeat the greatest villain and threat to mankind that we’ve seen in an action movie yet.

So how fine is this line? Does anyone remember the famous Dolly? The first mammal ever cloned? Do you remember how they took that idea and remixed it in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? Great idea in theory but in all actuality, it creates a snowball effect.

So what do we do? We can’t stop evolving. Naturally, we have to keep growing and evolving to survive but where is the line and how do we not cross that line too soon or not at all? I enjoy movies that push such a complex idea like this. Avatar, even though I hate that movie and it was time I cannot get back in my life, followed these same lines.

So who’s right? Some may say that if we don’t push those boundaries, then we’ll never know how far we could go, while others may say if we don’t open that Pandora’s box, then we’ll never have to worry about the consequences unless we absolutely have to. I, myself, am a little in between. Maybe we should maybe we shouldn’t. I’d love to see a real-life dinosaur and be able to really find out what happened to them. I would also like to know what happened to King Tut and Queen Hatshepsut but I don’t need to bring them back to life to do that. I saw The Mummy.

What say you? Team Science or Team Caution? Let me know!

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  1. I think you’re asking the wrong question. Ultimately, science and technology are tools, so the real question is do we trust ourselves, or human nature, to use those tools appropriately? It’s basically the pro-gun/anti-gun argument, but using the more nebulous “technology” term to avoid the controversy.

    I like your example of Tony Stark. Tony’s story arc shows a man that profits from technology, to one who uses it for good. He then loses control of it to Ultron, but recognizes his mistakes and asks for accountability. Personally, I’m an optimist and believe that humanity in general can be trusted to use tools for good. I also recognize that there are individuals who are likely to abuse the technology for personal gain. With that in mind, I say progress as fast as possible, but make wise use of safeguards and accountability.


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