Hear Me Out: Is Captain America the Weakest Avenger?

So, hear me out, I’m not talking about pure strength. I’m talking about the conflict within Cap. The other Avengers, and even people around the Avengers, have so much dimension and I feel like Captain America falls short.

I will be honest, I’m not the biggest Captain America fan. I like him but he’s a really good superhero which is kind of boring. Every other Avenger has some sort of internal struggle. Iron Man AKA Tony with dying and selling weapons to the highest bidder resulting in everyone hating him or coming to him with a story of how his weapons killed someone they loved. Hawkeye and Black Widow were assassins that now defend the very same heroes and people they may have killed. Thor had his main source of power, Mjolnir, stripped away from him by his dad and was banished to Earth, forcing him to come to terms with his inflated ego. Hulk AKA Banner who struggles with his inner strength and the monster he created. Even Wanda and Pietro had an inner complex when they figure out what Ultron was really planning.

Now, I’m not saying that Rogers has no struggles, but what I am saying is that that complex takes too long to get to. And, I know what you’re saying. Cap had an inner conflict when he realized that his best friend wasn’t dead and was trying to kill them. I would argue that that conflict is more on Bucky and not Cap. Those were decisions that his best friend made, not him. Also, is this conflict within him about not fighting his best friend who has been brainwashed to be an assassin stronger than the conflict within the other Avengers? I don’t think so, and it takes us until Captain America: Civil War to get him to go again his goodie goodie persona.

What do you think? Is Captain America the weakest Avenger as far as dimension? Let me know your thoughts.


  1. The biggest issue is that he has no character development. Cap is written to be perfect, so there’s no room for growth. His first movie shows he only had two weaknesses. The first was his body, and once he gets the super-soldier serum, that weakness goes away. His second weakness was his absolute commitment to rules. Once he disobeys orders in order to rescue Bucky, that weakness also goes away. From that point on, all of Cap’s struggles have been external while every other character has internal struggles as well.


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