A Deep Dive Into WandaVision: “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!”

This post will be a cohesive list of reasons why this is clearly not Pietro and this is also not a reference to the multiverse. As I stated in another post, I watch these episodes twice. Based on my background in being an overachieving nerd in my former years, I usually don’t pick up anything I didn’t see in the first watch unless I was distracted by conversation.

Let’s start with this theme song. There are a lot of nods and hints in the opening song, that is clearly reminiscent of Malcolm in the Middle. Side note: I hate subtitles but in this instance it helps me try and uncover this mystery of a show. The lyrics are as follows:

Wanda/WandaVision/Don’t try to fight the chaos/Don’t question what you’ve done/The game can try to play us/ Don’t let it stop the fun/ Some days, it’s all confusion/ Easy come and easy go/ But if it’s all illusion/ Sit back, enjoy the show/ Let’s keep it going/ Let’s keep it going/ Through each distorted day/ Let’s keep it going/ Though there may be no way of knowing/ Who’s coming by to play

This line that stuck out to me and made me rewind the opening song, a thing I would normally never do, is the last one. During this line, we see Pietro’s opening shot with the title saying he was playing himself which must have some meaning because, technically, everyone else in that opening shot is also playing themselves. Reason one why I think this man is NOT who they want us to believe he is. Yes, I saw the “Naughty” on Agnes’ pants as she went through the refrigerator. What I have learned from being in honors classes all my life is when they want you to look really hard at one person, there is something else going on. If Agnes is a bad person, there is no need for the show to blatantly call attention to her in every episode. Again, I think she is a red herring. Moving on.

The boys are talking about why they shouldn’t wake Uncle Pietro as he pretends to sleep while still snoring. Reason two. Later, when Wanda comes downstairs and Vision tells her he’s on neighborhood watch duty, fake Pietro tried too hard to insert himself in the mix as a solution to the couple’s problem. Reason three. Pietro is trying too hard to integrate himself into this family.

When Pietro mentions the Halloween with him and Wanda as a child, I think that was his “memory” and not Wanda’s. Here’s why. Both he and Wanda are dressed like heroes that didn’t exist when they were that age and they also wouldn’t know. Also, Wanda doesn’t have a memory lapse that far back. She would remember something like that. Also, they don’t celebrate Halloween like we do in Eastern Europe, where Sokovia is located. Reason Four.

While one of the twins explains that mom and dad have been arguing, you can see Pietro is actively listening to him. In those confessional moments, no one should be paying attention to the narrator. Reason five! He also forgot which twin was which and they are not identical. You should know these kids by now!

Pietro always answers Wanda’s questions with a question or some witty comeback. He’s also impressed by what she’s done. Pietro would not be impressed with what Wanda is doing. Reason six. Pietro was also not shot in the street like a chump. He was shot trying to protect Clint rescuing a child. Not a chump move. You could also argue that at the time they weren’t on the street but semantics.

Also, usually when you tell kids not to do something, they usually do the opposite. Not sure why she would tell them not to go that way. I digress. Pietro knows too much about the goings on within the hex. Reason seven!

The commercials are usually a nod to Wanda’s past in some way and I think this “Yo-Magic” commercial is apart of her past that we haven’t seen yet. I think that shark is someone who came to Wanda to offer her something in exchange for something only she could give them. I have to think about this more before I come up with what that could be.

Hayward is a super villain and you can argue with me if you want. You can’t tell me that this man is not acting like someone in charge. He’s being really rash, which for someone who went through the blip and was left behind, you could think he would be more cautious. He is not which leads me to believe that there is something much bigger that he’s planning when he retrieves Vision. That is clearly what he is after. He cares nothing about figuring out what is going on with Wanda or saving those people in the town. Vision is the asset his is after.

Monica either already had powers and that’s why she isn’t fazed by what Darcy was telling her about her molecular structure or she’s trying to process it in her own mind before reacting out loud. Or she knows what’s happening and no one else does yet.

I stand with Wanda and I don’t care who is mad at it. There is something off, obviously, and I don’t think this is totally Wanda. You know how you can zone out when you drive a car but you’re still driving and going where you’re going? But for some time you’re lost in thought and may not know where you’ve been or how you got to your destination? I think this is kind of what’s happening to Wanda.

One really obscure thing I want to mention is The Incredibles and The Parent Trap playing in what’s supposed to be a 90’s episode. Could seep into an early 2000’s. If you notice, these are not Halloween features and they are also not two movies that would be playing at the same time. The Incredibles is the story of the Parr family who, after one too many incidents involving Supers, end up in hiding in their town concealing their abilities. Remember, being a Super is illegal in their world. The Parent Trap is a story of a set of twins who switch places to trick their parents into getting back together. The parents trust they have the right kid like Wanda wants to trust that who is with her is the real Pietro. She knows he’s not the real Pietro. She just can’t figure out a lot of what we can’t like where he came from, why he looks different, where is accent when and why he knows as much as he does with no briefing from Wanda.

Anything I missed besides Hayward getting away and acting like he cared about the men and women who are not in the hex? I really don’t like him.

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